Donate to Dawntained:

The Dawntained team work hard every day to provide player suggested updates, fixing all bugs and moderating the game to make sure

every player is having smooth and enjoyable gameplay.

The bills for Dawntained are very high, especially with a massive playerbase where top-tier technology and development is required.

Your money goes a long way and is used to keep Dawntained alive and running!

Our bills:

- Advertising expenses (in order to maintain a growing playerbase)

- Server and Website Hosting

- Ddos protection

- Website development

- Game development

- Backup servers

You can also pay via 07 gold, type in ::07 in-game.

Virtual Credits are also known as D-tokens

Spend the Virtual Credits in-game at 'Virtual assistant' npc at ::shops to obtain your rank.

You can also sell the Virtual Credits to players for 3k+ each at the Trading post. Talk to 'Virtual assistant' npc at ::shops

Virtual Credits are tradeable in-game. FOR MORE INFORMATION CICK HERE.

150 Virtual Credits spent = Red rank.
400 Virtual Credits spent = Blue Super rank.
1,000 Virtual Credits spent = Green Extreme rank.
3,000 Virtual Credits spent = Yellow Legendary rank.
6,000 Virtual Credits spent = Purple Ultimate Rank.
12,000 Virtual Credits spent = Light Blue Uber Rank.
25,000 Virtual Credits spent = Black Immortal Rank.
Example: If you are a Blue Super Rank, you only need 600 more for Green Extreme Rank.

Scroll down the page to view the Rank perks & benefits!

Fixed Purchase Here

Please enter your Username and select the amount of Virtual Credits you would like to purchase.

The larger your payment is, the more bonus % Virtual Credits you will receive! which means you will save alot of money by doing so!

You will receive your Virtual Credits automatically in-game.

10 Virtual Credits = 1$

Custom Large purchase

Please enter your Username and enter the amount of Virtual Credits you would like to purchase. Minimum $301!

You will receive 13 Virtual credits for every 1$ you pay, which is 30% bonus Virtual credits, save 90$+ by doing so!


Icon rank in-game
Icon rank on
Coloured name on
Exclusive ::dz zone, packed
with content!
Max hit dummy at Donator zone
Unique pets
Yell timer 30 seconds 20 seconds 15 seconds 10 seconds 5 seconds 3 seconds 1 second
Restore special cooldown 50 seconds 40 seconds 30 seconds 20 seconds 10 seconds 5 seconds 1 second
Extra bank slots 100 200 300 400 500 600 700
Bonus vote tickets per vote 2 4 6 8 10 12 14
Bonus Blood money per kill 500 bm 1000 bm 1500 bm 2000 bm 2500 bm 3000 bm 3500 bm
Barrows repair discount 25 50 75 100 100 100 100
Drop rate boost
including pet drops
5% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50%
Donator dungeon
blood money per hour
20,000/hour 27,000/hour 35,000/hour 35,000/hour 35,000/hour 35,000/hour
Donator zone skilling
xp boost
5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30%
Bonus xp from
Xp lamps
1m 2m 3m 4m 5m 6m
Operate special
attack items
Donator zone fishing spot
for Anglerfish & Dark crabs!
Donator zone Magic trees
Donator emotes!
Crazy dance &
Smooth dance!
Custom in-game
Luxurious Throne
when Afk
Blood money stall at
Donator zone
for 35k+ an hour
King's Throne
when Afk
::Bank with no limits
Custom pet!
Own a pet that no one
else will ever have!
Able to wear all capes!
Including Infernal cape
Max cape & Skilling capes!
Able to summon
2 pets following
you at the same time!
Skin colours
Request another custom
pet to be coded
uniquely for you!
Custom yell tag!
Custom recoloured item
of your choice!
No one else can have it.
Always kept on death!
::xteletome command
Teleport players to you!
::xteleto command
Teleport to any player!