Websites to buy 07 GOLD From

These websites below are all equally trust worthy and have been used hundreds of times by Dawntained players.

Visit AribaGold, they accept: Credit/Debit card, G2a Wallet, Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, Alipay, Sofort, UnionPay, Ideal & Bitcoin

Visit Arcus Gold, they accept: Credit/Debit card, G2a Pay, Skrill, OneCard, Alipay, Neteller, Sofort, Western Union, Alipay, Union Pay

Visit RSGoldMine, Coupon: DAWNTAINED6 for 6% discount! They accept: G2a Pay, Paypal, IDeal, Skrill, Credit/Debit card, Bitcoin, Bancontact, Sofort, Belfius, Paysafecard, KBD/CBC, Western Union, Neteller

Visit Party Pete Shop, they accept: Paysafecard, G2a Pay, Skrill, Credit/Debit card, IDeal, Paypal, Bitcoin

Visit Bogla, they accept: Paypal, Bitcoin, Credit/Debit card, Skrill, Sofort, G2a Pay, Ideal


Why should i buy 07 gold?

If you want to donate to Dawntained and all the other payment methods on the Store page of Dawntained are not working, then you can buy 07 gold from the list of trusted websites above who accept dozens of different payment methods. If you already possess 07 gold, read more below!

How many tokens do i get for each 1m 07 i donate?

You will receive 8-12 Donator tokens per 1m 07 (depending on market rates), type in-game ::donate07 20 to check how many tokens you will receive for donating 20m 07.

Type in-game ::07 for more information.

How do i buy 07 Gold from these websites?

Visit the website that you need, pay for the 07 gold, talk to live chat on their website about receiving your gold, they will then let you know of a location on a f2p world to receive your gold.

How do i donate the 07 Gold to Dawntained?

Log into Dawntained and Private message a Mod on ::staff

The Mod will then meet you at a specific world and receive the gold, after that you will instantly receive the Donator Tokens on your account.

You may also private message a Moderator on discord to give the gold to on this link.