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MGT Madness

17-07-2017 190 players! Shift dropping added! Blood key balance & more

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  • A preset bug will no longer allow you to wear high defence items with 1 defence. (i will scan character files to make sure no one has abused presets saved)
  • Blood key can now be picked up only 50 seconds after it spawns instead of 30 seconds. So everyone has a chance to get there in time and ready for action!
  • ::rules command now opens up the website version which is detailed. The yell rule is now enforced.
  • Added ::yellmute command for Moderators, so they can mute players from yell that are using it for flame or players using it to direct messages at specific players etc..
    Now the yell will stay clean and filtered from clans flaming each other.
    Everytime a player gets yell muted, the punishment length will multiple and get longer.
  • Abyssal dagger animations corrected. Thanks to owain for providing the animation ids.
  • Fixed an issue where you can multi-log into wild by teleporting to Edgepvp.
  • Name changing will also now transfer your rare drops to your new name.
  • If you are golden skulled in wild, you can no longer change it to a white skull by attacking another player.
  • Fixed chatbox allignment issue where the text would pour out of the box
  • Extended maximum players to 300. It was previously capped at 200, but it stayed at 189 due to 11 bots being online that are not being counted towards the playercount :P
  • Extended Moderator list in the Clan chat setup.
  • Fixed a settitle bug where you can add images and all kinds of client effects to it.
  • Added 20 character limit to titles, no more childish titles like what Josh does.

Shift drop added:
It is turned on by default, you may disable it in the settings page. Now you can drop items very quickly when you need to, useful while Pking and skilling.


You must restart the client to receive the latest updates.



For the past two weeks i have looked into many new ways of efficient advertising and have invested alot of the donations into them. Dawntained's advertising campaign has been increased by a huge percentage and the result of it is 190 players online! I think we may have barely reached 200 if there wasn't a cap on the players online :D
Dawntained has made history and it is all thanks to the players that have stayed since the beginning and helped Dawntained in their own ways! There are so many active accounts that are 90+ days old!



Forum Updates: 

We understand that there are a fair few forum issues we have and we will be looking into these, we have made some minor changes some of which may not affect a lot of the users here:

- New Userbars

- New Veteran Rank and Designer Rank, (youtuber rank coming soon)

- Forum Moderators can now give donator ranks

- If you guys would like a Donator section let us know, however we didn't seem to think there would be much use of it.


Another mention we recently hit over 100 likes on our facebook page, which is a great achievement and we hope you guys can support us and show us more love over there. There will be many more events involving facebook so keep an eye out!








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Glad some of these functionality updates have been done, worth the wait. :)

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