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Will be hosting some events this afternoon/evening as well as tomorrow being the 16/07/2017


There are currently no set times, however I will have a rough time.


PLEASE bare in mind that a lot of the staff team are unavailable today and therefore I may have to run these events on my own causing it to be slightly slower than usual so please be patient when I am hosting and work at a good pace with myself to get things complete.




F2P Tournament

Will start between 8 and 10pm server time however, there will be a signup thread 1 hour prior to starting the rest of the events will follow.

The following setup must be used, you can change the amulet around and cape as long as it's f2p ofc..I will be checking all before fights

you can also use the f2p melee setup as well same rules apply.

Prize will be 200k bm


DMACE Tournament


The Prize for this tournament will be 150K Bloodmoney.

More info will be released on the signup thread

In order to particiapte you MUST sign up!!

being offline at the time of the tournament may lead to a DQ


Drop Party 

It's pretty self explanatory I will be dropping a bunch of random items at a location where you can try pick them up.





I understand a lot of you are not a fan of the bloodkey events due to clans, however we may still be hosting these every now and then.


Doodle Event

This aka as skribbl is a fun little game with you can play via meeting on ::discord we will link you to a lobby where we draw images from selected words and others have to guess. The winner will recieve a total of 100k bm



This will be held in my cc following after the doodle event will be various questions rs and non rs related winners will recieve a random prize each.



Again self explanatory will be few locations with prizes.

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