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Wilderness rules

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Here at Dawntained, we only have a few guidelines to follow when you are engaging in PvP combat.


What is ragging? We define ragging as repeated or consistent harassment towards another player in a PvP environment. This might mean using overhead protection prayers and barraging/ranging their opponent repeatedly just to stop them from PKing. This also means no constant safe to 99's as you attempt to rush someone you have to give the player the chance to "kill you" as well does not mean unload your specs and safe to full every hit they get on you, also a form of ragging.

With regards to rushing, there's a fine line between rushing and harassment (ragging). 

Banter before and after the fight is fine, but if someone's getting too annoyed/offended then it needs to stop. Please note that staff decisions are final, and staff will say whether the situation is classed as ragging or not. Every situation is different and will be treated very seriously by staff.

For risk fights we ask that you show each other inventories before hand and each player have a clear indication as to what they are risking, and what the other player is risking as well. Communication is key. If players decide to just fight and assume they're getting the items they think they are, there's not much we can do to either get your items back, or get you the items you thought you were getting. If you attempt to alter your inventory or change the risk mid fight/ right before the fight starts, we will consider that scamming and you will be punished accordingly. Make sure that you both check your risks with ::risk before fighting. As for the clans who pk @::revs bolt ragging under any circumstance is not allowed you are to bring a mage switch and tbs do not count as a mage switch unless you are doing a fall in. If you try to manipulate these rules you will be punished and every decision is final.

- Ragging is not allowed.

This includes far-casting and using protecting prayers. (Not allowing an opponent to get an actual chance to kill you is unfair).

As well as not allowing someone to enter the wilderness and harassing them this way, There is to be no bolt venging at revs (using rag range with a crossbow / vengeance). 

-Rushing with overheads prayers.

Rushing has been a major thing recently with players constantly doing it as well as reporting it. We understand that the wilderness is there and players can risk what they wish however if you rush someone with overhead protection it's a major unfair advantage for the opponent to even have a chance to kill you, therefore it is not allowed.

- Spec running is not allowed

    You can rush normally with smite etc, just not protection prayers. Teleporting after using a special attack is allowed anywhere in the Wilderness regardless of being in safezone, but if it's done continuously in edge wild and edge pvp, it will be seen as ragging and you'll be punished for it.

Punishment: Wilderness ban, the length is dependant on the severity of the situation.

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