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Raiders Recruitment! <(^.^)>

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Hello gamer!

What is this about?

I will explain it all to you!!!


WE the RAIDERS CLAN are still looking for for active members for

multi pking, blood keys, skotizo and alot of fun.

If u think you are right for us or would like to be a Part of RAIDERS than let us know ur ingame name.


What do u have to bring with you for the admission with the RAIDERS?

1. Be chill

2. Be ready for keys at any time

3. Be Helpful

4. Have atleast 100 hybrid kills


You should not do any of the following!

1. Chill at bosses in the wilderness and hope that we are there to protect you

2. Be a spy

3. Agressive or unrestrained

4. Offensive


These are the rules!

1. If we catch you spying on another cc you will be banned

2. If u insult anyone there will be a warning

3. Just chill


Furthermore we are still looking for 2-3 MODS which are trustworthy!

You can apply for moderator status in the comment section.


If u are interested please contact us ingame @

Raiders, S m i t h or Isucklol





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