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Corp Clan

Corp Clan

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CC Name: Corp Clan - No Signup Required

Founder/Owner: Aims

Clan Founded: September 8th, 2018

Clan ranks awarded by splitting sigils. 

The only gear requirements are a Zamorakian Spear and a Ring of Wealth(i) 

Bring a Bandos Godsword to help the team out if you can. Faster kills, more loot. 


Sigils split so far:

Elysian: 0

Arcane: 2

Spectral: 5

Clan ranks (people who have split their Sigil drop):

Skum (x5)



Winners who were there for the drop and got a share of it:


Nicky Jam

TB Patrol (x2)

W Azza 3

Yung Tarik

Jibby2018 (x3)




Absolute cunts who didn't split their drop and need banning:




First and foremost, all Dawntained official server rules apply in the clan. 

If you get a drop, post a screenie in here so I can credit you for it.

Get a task and bring Slayer Helm if you can.

As long as you're respectful, you can relax in the CC without corping. 

ALL Sigil drops obtained with in/with the clan are to be split with everyone who was involved in the kill, UNLESS YOU ARRIVE WHEN CORP HAS LESS THAN 500HP. 

If you were in the CC but not in the cave for the kill, you WILL NOT get a split. 

Splitting a Sigil (with proof posted in this thread) will gain you a rank in the clan. 

Refusing to split will be considered scamming and I'll personally try to get you banned from Dawntained because fuck you. 

Spam #CorpClan in the yell chat if we get a sigil to let everyone know how big our dicks are. 

Have fun and stay friendly, team-work makes the dream-work!

Pics or it didn't happen?












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