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A word about players getting Ddosed

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Recently the staff team has had to deal with a lot of cases where players have claimed to have been a victim of DDoSing. Several false attempts have been made by certain players, attempting to get users banned by creating fake videos.

We would like to clear this issue up for once and all:

From now on, staff will not be responsible for dealing with DDoS allegations. It is not only wasting our time, but at the end of the day it is the user who is at fault for not being vigilant enough for their own safety. Items will also not be refunded if a user disconnects, it is extremely hard for us to track whether or not the case was legitimate or staged. Please read the notes below on how to stay safe:

Dawntained is 100% secure, there is no way that an IP address can be obtained from our systems.

We would like to encourage our users to stay vigilant, and understand the risks of using Skype and TeamSpeak. These two platforms are NOT secure, and you can still have your IP address obtained by using them. We recommend that for any discussions, whether it be clan related or just in general, be carried out via Discord.

Discord as an App is 100% safe, there is absolutely no way for someone to obtain an IP from it without using other means, as mentioned below.

As a final point, we urge players to double check any links before clicking them. IP grabbing links are becoming more and more common online, not just in the RSPS community. 'Tiny url'  links and other shortened links are ones to avoid as they are commonly related with IP grabbers.

For more information on IP grabbers, please refer to this thread: 


The only other way that a player could have their IP compromised, is from old character files from past private servers. If a player uses the same username across a variety of servers this puts them more at risk.


If you feel you have been a victim of DDoSsing, you can change your IP address by either turning off your router and restarting it (doesn't always work), or by contacting your Internet Service Provider.



The Dawntained staff team.

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