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YouTuber rank is now here!

As the title states, the rank is here and ready to be distributed. If you would like to obtain this rank in game, you will need to contact a staff member, Moderator or Administrator, whenever you upload a video and refer them to it on ::discord One video validates the rank for a total of 7 days, after these days pass, your rank will be removed automatically by the server. How to renew them is simple; if you upload a video, and notify us, we will renew the 5 days youtuber rank to your account. Though, there are requirements which shouldn't at all difficult to meet.


- Must have a minimum length of 3 minutes.
- Must have "" in the video description, left clickable by the audience.
- Must have "Dawntained" in the title.
- Needs to be a proper video that will attract viewers to play the game.
- You may also use Pking, Pvming, Gambling, Commentary content in the video.

A final judgement will be made by the staff team, any that is in charge, and you will be approved if you meet the requirements. Videos that are made very poorly with lack of effort in the content provided, and have misleading, offensive, targeting, and unrelated titles will be immediately rejected. Subscriber count does not matter. With this rank, you will be able to use the ::yell command. However the standard rules of Dawntained will still apply to you, so use the command wisely.

Link your video to a staff member on ::discord

Here is an example of a video that passed all the requirements. Note that it has Dawntained in the title and the link in the description is clickable.



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