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How to be careful of IP grabbers & phishing links!

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Hello players of Dawntained!

It has come to our attention that recently there are more and more scams taking place regarding phishing and ip grabbing. Please read the following information as it is vital that everyone stays vigilant and is aware that these type of scams are more common than you might think.

Take extra care before opening links, not only on Dawntained related platforms. Ip grabbing links are being sent around. Even if a link might look genuine please double check before clicking on it, and tell a member of staff about any fishy looking direct messages. We as a staff team will not be liable if your information is obtained by you clicking on an ip grabber. This is an example of a message that has been sent around, which is a fake forums link.


As you can see, that is NOT a link to our forums or even our domain, since a link to a forum thread would actually have an url like this: https://www.dawntained.com/forum/topic/3907-we-need-you/


Another example that has been used is a fake gyazo link with two y's. Again, please double check before clicking!


Please also be aware of any 'giveaway' scams either on YouTube or other platforms. We do have a lot of real giveaways and great videos made on Dawntained, however there are a growing number of scams surrounding this. In this example, the video is edited to make it seem legitimate, but in fact there is a phishing link in the description!


If you're unsure whether or not a giveaway is real, message a member of staff first to confirm.


Previewing bit.ly links

As a final note, with bit.ly links, you can preview them by adding a + to the end of the url, which will take you to a preview page. This will show the link that you would be taken to if you entered the original link. As you can see, the link in that video is exactly the same as the one seen previously, the fake forum link.


Thank you for reading, and stay safe!

On behalf of the Dawntained Staff team.


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