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Herblore Guide

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latest?cb=20131026214930 Herblore Guide by Danieltatis

This is a guide for getting levels in Herblore. This is not a very fast skill to level up, but it yields decent Blood Money (mostly by completing the Anti-bot test). This skill is intrinsically partnered with Farming, and because of this you SHOULD train both skills simultaneously (Farming before Herblore of course).


The basic activities are:

  1. Getting fresh & clean (not grimy) herbs (obtainable via players or Farming @ patch west of ::skill, PLEASE look at Stats's amazing guide here )
  2. Getting secondary ingredients AND Vials of Water @ Jatix store (located west of ::skill)
  3. Preparing potions (mixing vials with herbs, then with secondary ingredients)

And, you can make Blood Money out of the potions, either by selling them to the wonderful Shop assistant @ skill, or by using them in PvM/PvP.


So, is that it? What kind of guide is this? Don't worry, pictures will follow us now...


The Store

Jatix is located here (just teleport to Entrana via the ::skill command and follow the path)



At his store you will find noted versions of the secondary items. They are free, so you should get a few thousands of each (except Vials of Water, 1M of those should suffice)


After that, go to the bank at ::skill and unnote the items. Get 14 Vials of Water, 14 herbs and process them (use one in the other) to make unfinished (unf) potions.

Then, get the 14 secondary item pieces and use them with the unfinished potions. In this part, you will get XP according to the potions created.


What potions can/should i make?

Well, i made a table for this! You can see that XP rates improve per Herblore level, so improving your Farming level in par with Herblore or getting enough herbs is a must.


Oh, and you can see that i don't know how to make a few potions at the bottom. PLEASE let me know how to make them via Herblore, as they appear at the skill window.

There's Super Combat potions as well. In order to make these, you need to have a clean Torstol, and all Super potions (Attack, Strength, Defence).


Still, it would be nice to know HOW MANY POTIONS i should make, hmm?

Potion Schedule

This is a Potion Schedule. It indicates the amount of potions that you should make to reach the next potion level. I hope this helps you know where you are regarding this optimal calculation.





Experience Lamps (Obtainable @ Vote Manager)

Experience lamps can be used to train Herblore. If you're not interested in getting herbs or buying them, you can still get 1M XP per lamp (every 12 hours). This is suggested because Herblore requires either time or blood money to get herbs, which makes leveling pretty slow overall. Getting to 90 herblore (Super Combat potions) requires 5.35M XP, which should equate to getting 62 herblore by the actual method (a little bit more XP because level 62 doesn't get 350K experience), and using 5 lamps for 5M xp.


That's all folks! If you have advice regarding tricks or strategies not shown here, please comment so i can add your contribution to this guide.

P.S. Dedicated to Stats, Dawntained's guide man.

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