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Last Man Standing or Battle Royale type Minigame

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I've been looking around for a private server that has a last man standing type gamemode and none of them have it. A lot of people like the last man standing gamemode in runescape but it's dead. I think if you found a way to make a remake of it or something better that a lot of people would play on it. You could make a reward system or like runescape has a type of gambling system and only need like 20 players to run it. I would donate to a private server that has this especially dawntained. it would fit perfectly in the server  A good point to argue is that LMS is dead on runescape so why would it be good on dawntained? On runescape LMS has no reason to be played. People would rather go skilling than waste 30 minutes on it. People play pest control because of it's rewards not because it's fun. LMS Is way more fun than pest control and it's also way more dead. just add some decent rewards for playing and people will want to play

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I always liked the lms on osrs. I don't play osrs but I did watch yt vids and streams of it and I thought it was a solid idea. If this was implimented I'm sure it would attract a whole lot of players.


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