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Decided to start a new series, I will spend $10 on 100 tokens and buy a legendary mbox. From there I will open it and see what I get. I'll post progress about every day on how I build to a goal from that 1 item. https://gyazo.com/41bdea966a91a6d345d255e6b43a6834


1. I can not donate for more than the m box

2. I can not take donations

3. I can NOT stake

4. I am strictly solo

5. I will keep my untradeables

Here we go with Series 1!

Loot from the box:



I went and sold it for around 63k to the shop because I couldn't find a buywe and from there bought an ags and a DH set got a few kills but ended it with the double death




This is where I stand atm:


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Interesting concept. If that were me, I probably would’ve died 5 times consecutively and lost all already. 


Good luck on this!

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