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Demonic gorillas! Donator Updates & many more 06-02-2018

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Demonic gorilla

You may find these monsters west of graves, teleport there using ::gorillas or the wilderness teleports. The money making rates is 24,000+ blood money giIgK1x.png per hour. The gorillas have also been made un-aggressive to enable pkers to hunt Pvmers.
The Demonic gorilla pet in the Custom pet shop has been removed due to it being now obtainable through killing the Demonic gorilla.
The first player to post a picture of the Demonic gorilla pet drop will receive 150 Donator Tokens! I Gain has won it!





Rogue's outfit

Wearing full rogue will give you a 15% chance of doubling your loot from a successful pickpocket. Buy the outfit at the Gnome course shop.



Donator updates

  • vo1sEsd.png Legendary Donators will receive 2,000 blood money after completing a slayer task. Scaling all the way to cf3KVnt.pngSupreme Donator at 6,000 blood money.
  • nNgv9z3.png Extreme Donators will have all Pk achievement items automatically unlocked.

Unlock all capes scroll 9F0vurm.png

Consume the scroll to be able to wear all capes. IQhtfQl.png 7Tb0OnC.png bvK7LFq.png bhngnBC.png
Buy the scroll at the Donator shop for 1880 Donator Tokens ThqYzSO.png
Many players have been requesting this as they cannot afford Uber Donator to access the capes they love most


More Payment Methods to Donate

Many new payment methods have been added in the last 2 weeks, check them out at the Store page over here

  • PaySafeCard
  • Sofort Banking
  • Amazon Checkout
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Paypal Gift
  • Amazon Gift Card



  • Dragon hunter crossbow against dragons buffed to 30% from 10%, same as Osrs
  • Price of broken Torag's legs has been balanced
  • Prices of Pegasian boots & Eternal boots have been balanced to fit their materials cost.


Bug fixes

  • K'klic pet walk animation corrected
  • Pm a player while having an Npc dialogue opened, it wouldn't let you type in the Pm
  • Level-up icon image will now appear instantly
  • When using names above head, it will no longer show pet names or "level-0" and it won't hide behind an Npc's overhead prayer.
  • Fixed Moderator's wild ban command.
  • Dice quick chats will no longer show if the players are trading each other outside of the Dice zone
  • Fixed two seperate duel xlog bugs which were abused to avoid a stake and the other would force you to lose.
  • Twisted bow effects added against the Lizardman shaman
  • When attempting to note a graceful equipment, it will no longer be bugged after attempting to wear it.
  • Unload blowpipe issue



  • Supports can now use the ipmute command, limited to 1 hour punishment.
  • Tournament Dragon dagger spawns changed to Dragon dagger p++ to prevent players from buying the poisoned version in the shop and not being able to drop the normal Dragon dagger due to the anti-mage only prevention.


Immortal & Supreme Donator requests

  • Lime green K'klic pet for Wespoonedyou
  • Black Elysian with golden sigil for Mafia Don
  • Black Elysian and Purple sigil for Criboli
  • Strong Pink Elysian spirit shield for Chamo
  • Red Elysian spirit shield and grey Sigil for New Username or red sigil too
  • Purple Elysian spirit shiled for Lazoh 
  • Blue/Red/White Armadyl godsword for Pannibal
  • Rainbow Toxic staff of the dead for Meeko


Please vote for blood money giIgK1x.png every 12 hours! The more votes we have, the higher in the toplists we will be, so that new players try us out!


Lwkwhin.png The updates have been worked on by Mgt Madness Jason & Owain.

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I'm so grateful and happy to see new boss/monsters added every game update, looking forward for more good updates, good job, MGT :)


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not bad updates and all, now its time to fix dharoks and other shit that is completely broken like able to hit 63 with ags spec through pray lmao there is no way this could be possible, prayer is broken and delayed, food eating is delayed

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The first player to post a picture of the Demonic gorilla pet drop will receive 150 Donator Tokens!






I posted the picture of the demonic gorilla pet drop first, i'll have my tokens asap :)

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Nice should really look at tidying up the store and save confusion by keeping it to the same domain 

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