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[Eco] Ultimate Money Making Guide [Stats]

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Remember to vote for blood money giIgK1x.png every 12 hours! Together can hit 500+ players!


S/O to Thommo98 & Mainly for Vid

Requested by MOX

Hello Dawntained Community!

So your all here for one reason you wanna make some Blood Money! There are lots of ways in Dawntained to make Blood Money! I'm going to be going over all the methods I think will work the best for you. In this Guide I will be going over Pking, PvMing, SkillingGambling/ Staking, Merching & Voting/ Donating/ World Events! I will put them In chapters like Usual just click Show Content to view that Chapter of the Guide!

Chapter Order:

Chapter 1: Pking (Completed)

Chapter 2: PvM (Completed)

Chapter 3: Skilling (Completed)

Chapter 4: Gambling/ Staking (Completed)

Chapter 5: Merching (Completed)

Chapter 5: Voting/ Donating/ World Events (Completed)





Pking happens to be one of the best methods I would say for most players to Make there first Start to there Goal/ Desired amount of Blood Money! This server first of all is a PvP based server. Now as far as making money from Pking there are quite a few ways this can be done.

1. PvP Task

- To obtain a PvP task Simply type ::shops

 - Once you teleport into the shop area talk to the Pvp Task Master

- Then click Obtain a PvP Task

-Once Finished Claim Reward by Talking to him again (Rewarded Blood Money 2.5k)

- Repeat


2. Pvp Drops/ Risking

As we all know Using Smite when Pking Gives us a chance of draining our opponents prayer and taking away his chance to protect one item. This gives us the chance to PK them High Risk Items we all want!

Now with Risking you have the option to type ::redskull. Now by doing this you and your opponent both agree to Risk a certain amount or item. Be aware with Red Skulling you CANNOT protect an item. If you die you will lose everything you have. You can always check how much you are Risking by typing ::Risk


3. Donator Status: Blood Money Drops

If you choose to Donate/ Buy Tokens and obtain a certain Donator Rank it comes with different benefits with Pking. Depending on which rank you each kill you get you will get a Set amount of Blood Money each time on top of the normal Blood Money you already get and there loot. The following list below are the Ranks and how much you get per Kill.


Donator = 400 BM, Super = 800 BM, Extreme = 1200 BM, Legendary = 1600 BM, Ultimate = 2000 BM,                            Uber = 2400, Immortal = 2800 BM, Supreme = 3200 BM


4. Kill Streaking or Ending a Kill Streak

These first Gains are your Kill Streak Rewards:

3+ Killstreak = Pale Red Skull + 25 BM per Kill Extra

6+ Killstreak = Silver Skull + 50 BM per Kill Extra

12+ Killstreak = Green Skull + 100 BM per Kill Extra

20+ Killstreak = Blue Skull + 200 BM per Kill Extra

40+ Killstreak = Red Skull + 400 BM per Kill Extra

75+ Killstreak = Gold Skull + 800 BM per Kill Extra


These Next Gains are for Ending a Kill Streak Rewards:

3+ Killstreak = 50 BM

6+ Killstreak = 200 BM

12+ Killstreak = 500 BM

20+ Killstreak = 2000 BM

40+ Killstreak = 6000 BM

75+ Killstreak = 10,000 BM


4. Pvp Artifacts

Along with the Blood Money dropped there are chances of your opponent dropping PvP Artifacts. These Artifacts you simply click on to Claim Blood Money reward. The best one to get is Ancient Statue it is worth 5,000 BM.






PvMing, now as of right now PvM isn't terrible for Money making but it is forsure a Under-Rewarding way to make money right now. Hope to see maybe future updates to Fix it! The most rewarding thing I would say about PvM right now is Pets, but that isn't helping us much if were trying to rebuild! Now there are a few NPC's I would say are worth killing though. 


Revs - Now Revs are a popular one & as of right now may be the Best NPC for Money Making and new Players there drops are listed below:


To kill Revs you have to Click Tele Options, Wilderness Sections, Lvl 27 Revenants, and Run North


Once you are here just keep Killing them, make sure you Bring Amulet of Glory (4) in order to Teleport out of Wilderness above Level 20 in-case a Pker tries to Kill You!

Killing these you want to wear Range Gear and Protect Magic the Entire Time.




Slayer - I'm currently learning more about Slayer so I will update more on it as I go. You do get 1K + BM per task you complete!






Skilling, now this skill is Average for money. I wouldn't say its that great. I would say the Best skills for Money are (Mining & Smithing) & (Fishing & Cooking). Thieving is good if your a Legendary Donator because this allows you to steal from Donator Stall for 35K BM/ HR. 


Mining/ Smithing - These skills kind of tie together with each other. You need to get Level 85 Mining to Mine Rune Ore & Level 85 Smithing to Smelt Rune Bars. Now you want to Smelt Rune Bars. Once you have a good amount Smelted you can sell these Rune Bars for 200-300 BM Each!


Fishing/ Cooking - This skill is one I personally just enjoy. Now if your not a Legend Donator I would go to Resource Zone in Wild, as seen in my Fishing Guide and Fish Dark Crab at Level 85 Fishing! You can Cook them at Level 90 there on the Fire and Talk to the Man there who will note them. These can be Sold at the Store for 24 BM each.

If you are Legend Donator you can Fish Anglers at ::dz with Level 82 Fishing and Cook them at Level 84. These can be sold at the store for 32 BM each!


Thieving - Now if you are a Legend Donator this is one Skill that can come in handy to make you some good Blood Money. There is a stall located at ::dz that will give you 35K BM/ Hr. Simply sit here and steal from it. You need Level 90 Thieving in order to use it!




Gambling/ Staking



Gambling & Dueling, now this is honestly a huge money maker right here but the most Risky one. You can either make bank here or leave here cleaned! We are going to go over the Dice/ Fping aspect of it First then the staking second.


Dice/ Flower Poker

Go to ::dice to experience scam proof gambling.


Duel Arena

There are 2 main ways people Stake here. First you wanna buy a Tent Whip & Dragon Dagger P++ Now here people either:

Tent Stake

Now with Tenting this is what the set up should look like in the Duel Menu, make sure you have your Tent Whip Equipped.


I suggest when it Starts off to Use the attack Mode Lash, and every couple hits switch it to Deflect. If you don't like switching you can just use Lash the entire time. Watch below to see an example of Tenting.


DDS Stake

Now with DDS'ing this is what the set up should look like in the Duel Menu, you can have either your Whip or DDS equipped this time


I suggest when it Starts off to Use the attack Mode Lunge or Deflect. If one isn't hitting just switch to the other. If you don't like switching you can just use one or  the other the entire time. Watch below to see an example of DDS'ing



Now Dueling is completely Luck honestly! Its based on a RNG system not PID. This means that its a Random Number Generation. Now I Suggest that if you lose 2 Duels in a row leave. Come back later and try your luck. Sometimes your RNG just isn't as Hot as Other times and you will slowly learn to Figure this out. Alot of people lose and keep staking thinking there going to win back there money and end up losing 7 in a row and Bank. Just play it safe. If you win a few god stakes LEAVE, and come back later!






Merching, this one is a good one right here. Now Merching I put last because this requires you to already have a good start up amount of cash to be very successful. The whole concept behind Merching is buying popular traded items at a Lower Price and selling for a Higher Price. Keep in mind prices may change from when your seeing this Guide and the Eco of the Server but this is an example.

For a Example I'm going to use the Following 4 items: AGS, Elder Maul, D Claws, Donator Tokens

So a Mercher would try to pay the Following Prices for Those Items below:

AGS = They BUY for 45,000-47,000 BM then SELL for 50,000-55,000 BM

Elder Maul =They BUY for 45,000-47,000 BM then SELL for 50,000-55,000 BM

Claws =They BUY for 75,000-80,000 BM then SELL for 87,500-90,000 BM

Donator Tokens =They BUY for 3,000-3,200 BM/ Each then SELL for 3,400-3,600 BM/ Each


Now, they just keep doing this Over, & Over again. Its a bit of a long process sometimes and takes patience but in the end you can make alot of Blood Money doing it! You can do this with Any Item really. I just used the top 4 items as a example cause there hot items. Any item you can buy cheaper and sell higher your Merching!



Voting/ Donating/ World Events




Voting is a good way for new players to get some money! To vote simply type ::vote while in-game. 

1. Type ::Vote, then Enter your Username

2. Vote on all 4 sites Listed

3. After your done go back in-game and type ::claimvote




* Votes can then be used in-game at the Vote Store located at ::shops, or they can be sold to players for 250-400 BM Each!



Donating is a very popular method of getting some quick money! Donator Tokens currently are being sold for 3.2-3.6K BM each, and these prices are actually expected to Rise! Simply type ::Donate while ingame:


1. Type ::donate

2. Enter your Username, then select the amount you want to Donate

3. Click "Buy" you will be redirected to Paypal, you also can pay with 07 Gold

4. Once complete go in-game and type ::claimdonation




World Events:

World Events are also a great way to get some money! There are active lottery drawing's going on, Blood Key, and Drop Party events, Etc. that go on! Stay tuned with the community to take advantage of these options!


Lottery is located at ::shops








Remember if you Enjoyed this Guide and Found it Helpful, Click the Heart in the bottom right of my Post to Like it! Comment and leave any Suggestions if you have any!


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Just now, mrjustin said:

Very good detailed guide, will be recommending to players who ask for money making methods :)

I just keep making your job easier <3 jk love ya

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Just now, thommo98 said:

Great guide mate and thanks for catching me in the GIF!

Welcome man, Thanks for the support!

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1 hour ago, Juicey said:

Nice guide friend, thank you for yet another great one!

Thanks man! <3 you

28 minutes ago, Dan dices said:

Nice guide stats! Should be helpful to newcomers that join dawntained !!

:D Hopefully it helps them!

3 minutes ago, Signify said:

Jesus you really put all into these guides. fkin great work again!

This one was pretty deep honestly about 5-6 Hours of work. Thanks for the Support!

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Just now, Tattoo Snob said:

Absolutely well put together a great guide! Very nice work my friend! :)


Keep it up!

Thanks, Man!

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