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[Skill] Fletching Guide [Completed] [Stats]

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*Special Thanks for all the Support

Road to 99 Flecting - To start you need to Teleport to the Entrana Skilling Zone (Located Under Skilling Section of Tele Tab)

Skilling Shop is also located in Skilling Zone for all Fletching Needs: Buy a Knife, Axe


Now you need to Make bows until Level 61 Fletching



Flectching Level 1-10 (ShortBow) - Knife and Normal Logs

Shortbow = 125 XP


Flectching Level 10-20 (Longbow) - Knife and Normal Logs

Longbow = 250 XP


Flectching Level 20-25 (Oak ShortBow) - Knife and Oak Logs

Oak Shortbow = 500 XP


Flectching Level 25-35 (Oak Longbow) - Knife and Oak Logs

Oak Longbow = 625 XP


Flectching Level 35-40 (Willow ShortBow) - Knife and Willow Logs

Willow Shortbow = 850 XP


Flectching Level 40-61 (Willow Longbow) - Knife and Willow Logs

Willow Longbow = 1,050 XP


Flectching Level 61-73 or 99 (Adamant Bolts) - Adamant Bolts (Unf) & Feathers

2. Get latest?cb=20130225011357 Adamant bolts (unf) and 10m of latest?cb=20130314233135

Adamant Bolts (Unf) Can be made by Smithing you need Level 70 Smithing or try to buy from Players!

This skill is AFK, so once you use Bolts on Feathers you can sit back and Relax and watch yourself Level Up to 99


Flectching Level 73-99 (Onyx Bolts) - Rune Bolts and Onyx Bolt Tips

Do this above method to either 73 or 99. When you get Level 73 Fletch you can buy Onyx Bolt tips from I Solo it takes about 40K of them to get 99 Fletching. All you do is use the Bolt Tips on Rune Bolts and just like above you AFK


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28 minutes ago, hamadaz95 said:

i solo ?? i didnt get it where to get onyx bolts from


Yo I buy it from @I Solo. He will sell you roughly 200m xp for 100k

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