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[Skill] Thieving Guide [Completed] [Stats]

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*If you liked the Guide show your support please my Liking the post and Leaving a Comment! Any Suggestions leave also. Thanks - Stats

*Special Thanks to Team Poison and all the support!

Road to 99 Thieving - To start you need to Teleport to the Entrana Skilling Zone (Located Under Skilling Section of Tele Tab)

Once you teleport to Entrana run North until you come to the thieving NPCS!

* I suggest you Equip a Bow with no Arrows that way you don't attack a NPC by Mistake!






Levels Needed Per NPC










Thieving Level 1-10 (Man)

Man = 200 XP

You need to Steal 6 Times for Lvl 10





Thieving Level 10-38 (Farmer) 

Farmer = 375 XP

You need to Steal 79 Times for Lvl 38





Thieving Level 38-55 (Master Farmer) 

Master Farmer = 1, 075 XP

You need to Steal 127 Times for Lvl 55





Thieving Level 55-70 (Knight) 

Knight = 2,100 XP

You need to Steal 272 Times for Lvl 70





Thieving Level 70-80 (Paladin) 

Paladin = 3,775 XP

You need to Steal 331 Times for Lvl 80





Thieving Level 80-99 (Hero) 

Hero = 6,875 XP

You need to Steal 1,608 Times for Lvl 99





Experience Lamps

You can purchase Experience Lamps to use in any skill every 12 hours for 25 voting tickets and these will provide you with 1 million experience.

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