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[Skill] Cooking Guide [Completed] [Stats]

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*Special Thanks to Huffjenkem & all the Support!

Road to 99 Cooking - To start you need to Teleport to the Entrana Skilling Zone (Located Under Skilling Section of Tele Tab)

This is a nice place to cook since you have the Bank right now to a Range to cook on!


Levels Needed Each Fish:












Cooking Level 1-15 (Shrimp/ Anchovies)

Shrimp = 700 XP & Anchovies = 700 XP





Cooking Level 15-25 (Trout)

Trout = 1,650 XP





Cooking Level 25-30 (Salmon)

Salmon =  2,125 XP





Cooking Level 30-40 (Tuna)

Tuna = 2,375 XP





Cooking Level 40-45 (Lobster)

Lobster = 2,850 XP





Cooking Level 45-62 (SwordFish)

Swordfish = 3,325 XP





Cooking Level 62-80 (Monkfish)

Monkfish = 3,550 XP





Cooking Level 80-90 (Shark)

Shark = 4,795 XP





Cooking Level 90-99 (DarkCrab)

DarkCrab = 5,925 XP





Experience Lamps

You can purchase Experience Lamps to use in any skill every 12 hours for 25 voting tickets and these will provide you with 1 million experience.

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