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[Skill] Crafting Guide [Completed] [Stats]

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*Special Thanks for all the Support

Road to 99 Crafting - To start you need to Teleport to the Entrana Skilling Zone (Located Under Skilling Section of Tele Tab)

Skilling Shop is also located in Skilling Zone for all Crafting Needs (Buy a Chisel)


Gem's You need to Cut


You only need to cut 27 Sapphire Gems



You only need to cut 27 Ruby Gems



You only need to cut 27 Diamond Gems



You need to cut a total of 3800 Gems to get 99 Crafting


Now for the most easiest way to cut the 3800 Dragonstones follow this simple Method Below:



1. Take the 3800 Uncut Dragon Stones and Note them in your inventory.

2. Click the Noted Uncut Stones on the Bank and it should fill your inventory with them.

3. After cutting all the stones, click on the cut stone and on the bank again, this will note the cut ones.

4. Repeat the process, with this method you should never have to open bank!





Experience Lamps

You can purchase Experience Lamps to use in any skill every 12 hours for 25 voting tickets and these will provide you with 1 million experience.

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well .. u can use hides for faster crafting but u have to spend bm .. 
pm me if ure ready to spend bm and get hides for a fast 99 crafting

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