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[Skill] Firemaking Guide [Completed][Stats]

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*If you liked the Guide show your support please my Liking the post and Leaving a Comment! Any Suggestions leave also. Thanks - Stats

*Special Thanks to Bit Heroes for some Help

Road to 99 Firemaking - To start you need to Teleport to the Entrana Skilling Zone (Located Under Skilling Section of Tele Tab)

Skilling Shop is also located in Skilling Zone for a Tinder Box!

*I would first get 99 WoodCutting before doing Firemaking so you have the logs you need, you could buy logs free from Skill Shop Though!


Levels Needed:







Firemaking Level 1-15 (Normal Logs) - Tinder Box

Normal Logs = 1,000 XP





Firemaking Level 15-30 (Oak Logs) - Tinder Box

Oak Logs = 1,500 XP





Firemaking Level 30-60 (Willow Logs) - Tinder Box

Willow Logs = 2,250 XP





Firemaking Level 60-75 (Yew Logs) - Tinder Box

Yew Logs = 5,075 XP





Firemaking Level 75-99 (Magic Logs) - Tinder Box

Magic Logs = 7,600 XP





Now for the most easiest and fastest way to burn logs follow this simple Method Below:


 1. Go ahead and use your Tinder Box on the log your burning

2. After catching your first log on fire, simply click the next log on that Fire

3. This method simply makes it faster, plus you only have to have one fire going!

*After Clicking the log on fire, just sit there the whole inventory will burn itself you don't need to keep clicking





Experience Lamps

You can purchase Experience Lamps to use in any skill every 12 hours for 25 voting tickets and these will provide you with 1 million experience.

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1 hour ago, Royal G2 said:

Can’t wait to see the rest of your guides :D they’re super detailed and informative. Best ones I’ve seen so far. 

Thanks for the Support brother!

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Bad guide, since you can just use the logs on the range at ::skilling.

Note your logs, unnote them by using them on bankbooth, burn logs on range and repeat.

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