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[Skill] Fishing Guide [Completed] [Stats]

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*Special Thanks to Mox & Notebola for some Help

Road to 99 Fishing - To start you need to Teleport to the Entrana Skilling Zone (Located Under Skilling Section of Tele Tab)

Skilling Shop is also located in Skilling Zone for all Fishing Needs






Fishing Level 1-20 (Shrimp/ Anchovies) - Small Fishing Net Needed

Shrimp = 250 Xp & Anchovies = 1050 XP - Takes Around 6-12 Shrimp/ Anchovies to get Lvl 20





Fishing Level 20-35 (Trout / Salmon) - Fly Fishing Rod & Feathers

Trout = 1300 XP & Salmon = 1825 XP - Takes 10-14 Trout/ Salmon to get Lvl 35




Fishing Level 35-40 (Tuna) - Harpoon

Tuna = 2,100 XP - Takes 8 Tuna to get Lvl 40





Fishing Level 40-50 (Lobster) - Lobster Pot

Lobster = 2,350XP - Takes 28 Lobster to get Lvl 50




Fishing Level 50-62 (Swordfish) - Harpoon

Swordfish = 2,625XP - Takes 89 Swordfish to get Lvl 62




Fishing Level 62-76 (Monkfish) - Small Fishing Net

Monkfish = 3,150XP - Takes 319 Shark to get Lvl 76



Fishing Level 76-85 (Shark) - Harpoon

Shark = 3,675XP - Takes 524 Shark to get Lvl 85



Level 85-99 (Dark Crabs) - Lobster Pot

Dark Crab = 5,970 XP - Takes 1,638 to get Lvl 99

*These are located at Resource Zone in level 51 Wild by Mage Bank - Bring 350 Blood Money





*Instead of banking you can note the Dark Crabs by talking to the Cleaner!



Experience Lamps

You can purchase Experience Lamps to use in any skill every 12 hours for 25 voting tickets and these will provide you with 1 million experience.

Edited by Stats
Updated how many fish you need to catch for each level!

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