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Troubleshooting Dawntained Client

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Troubleshooting a client that does not run

Please make sure you have tried all the options at http://dawntained.com/play 

First fix attempt:
Please download this program and set it up. It will fix your Java paths to enable you to run Java applications like Dawntained
After it is successfully set up, run the Dawntained client.
If it does not work, restart computer and try again.


Second fix attempt:
Download and install java from https://www.java.com/en/
It is to make sure your Java is updated and has all settings configured correctly.
Then attempt to run the Dawntained client.
If it still does not work, restart computer and try again.


Third fix attempt:

1) Right click the Dawntained.jar/Dawntained Client.jar and Open with > Always Open with(Choose another app) >  Java(TM) Platform SE Binary > Tick the box 'always use this to open/open as default'.



Fourth fix attempt:

1) If using Windows, download Winrar and set it up: 32 bit version   64 bit version
If using Mac, download Winzip and set it up: https://www.winzip.com/mac/en/zip-for-mac.html

2) Download the Zip Client With Cache from the play page http://dawntained.com/play/

2) Right click dawntained_client.zip and select 'extract to'


3) You will find a folder named dawntained_client beside this .zip file, if you cannot find it, right click an empty space on your desktop and click on refresh and it will appear.

4) Open this dawntained_client  folder and find .jar file and run it. If it does not work, use the dawntained_run.bat file instead




Failed to connect on log-in screen fix:

If you are getting 'Failed to connect' error when logging into Dawntained, download the Zip client https://www.dawntained.com/play/
Extract it, then run the .bat file as Administrator.


If you still get failed to connect:

  • Restart your internet and log-in
  • Call your internet provider and ask them for an ip change and log-in
  • Use a Vpn and log-in


Tiny client

Try this fix and then restart the Dawntained client.

  1. Find java.exe on your Pc by typing in java.exe in the search area at the Windows start button.
    If you cannot find it, maybe it is at:
     C > Program Files > Java > jre > bin > java.exe
    or C > Program Files (x86)> Java > jre > bin > java.exe
    or C >Program Data > Oracle > Java > javapath > java.exe
  2. Right click -> Properties
  3. Go to Compatibility tab
  4. Check Override high DPI scaling behavior. (might need to click on 'Change high DPI settings' first)
  5. Change Scaling performed by to System
  6. If its already checked as Override high dpi scaling behavior, then uncheck it.


Left/Right click bug

Check out this thread 


Deleting client cache

Deleting the cache may help resolve many client problems, try it now by checking out this thread!



If you still cannot launch Dawntained or have issues, please submit a report here for further specialized help from an Administrator https://www.dawntained.com/forum/forum/51-submit-a-bugclient-issue/

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