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Price Guide

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Last updated : January 26th 2019

Disclaimer: You will see items bought and sold for high/lower prices just depends on the timezone and that players demand



2i0pt21.png Dharok's Set: 4-5k


2e51own.png Guthan's Set: 3-4k


23u7eo8.png Torag's Set: 4k

2dhxseu.png Verac's Set: 3.5-4k


o09bb.png Karil's Set: 3.5-4k


29mtzpc.png Ahrim's Set: 4-5k





2m81uzr.jpgRing of Wealth 500bm

ogPBRSw.pngSeers' Ring 1k

D785Vlg.pngArchers' Ring 3k

RlD2epR.pngBerserker Ring 3k
LqrpUVS.pngTreasonous Ring 1k

M1NqHCX.pngTyrannical Ring 3k
adyrk8.pngRing of Blood Money 50k

2uiu0i0.pngRing of Nature 50k

M6mAOai.pngAmulet of Fury 5k

10cqdeq.pngBerserker Necklace 2.5k

MtepLID.pngOccult Necklace 5k
nc1d76.pngAmulet of Torture 13k

2cnxbp1.png Necklace of Anguish 13k

a0x6rr.pngRing of Suffering 13k



2twlz0u.png Armadyl Godsword 50k
5l0nQVT.pngBandos Godsword 12k

k28Tpnr.pngSaradomin Godword 12k
3nlsQ1R.pngZamorak Godsword 12k

IggFXgK.pngBandos Chestplate 10k
C3XW8hm.pngBandos Tassets 20k

a4ucd2.pngBandos Boots 500

vdja82T.pngArmadyl Helmet 1.5k

AjVBxZL.pngArmadyl Chestplate 18k

WkJ4Nwj.pngArmadyl Chainskirt 12k

dRzcQvg.pngArmadyl Crossbow 20-22k

shd3tmY.pngZamorakian Spear 6k

v3jtR7d.pngSaradomin Sword 4k




BdSHyr8.pngInfinity Hat 2.5k

uLVYPSx.pngInfinity Top 5k

VI06kBA.png Infinity Bottoms 4.5k

FFicgWJ.pngInfinity Gloves 1.5k

4Z91TkT.pngInfinity Boots 1.5k

Go6B3ir.pngMaster Wand 3.5k
t03tQ9d.png Mage's Book 7k
9EPB2O9.pngWizard Boots 1k
wR3twNF.pngStaff of the Dead 5k
txnE4UQ.pngToxic Staff of the Dead 10k

T5E5Jjz.pngTrident of the Swamp 3k
IbYWtM6.pngMalediction Ward 12k




c7iA2ge.pngRobin Hood Hat 1.5k

MWwyJ2Z.pngRangers' Tunic 40k
vgkUeel.png Ranger Boots 17k

c0zVXsN.pngDark Bow 750

Q6iGrb4.pngToxic Blowpipe 12k

RQzo39x.pngOdium Ward 12k
MO8Mjmm.pngHeavy Ballista 45k



Other Items


znad8l.jpgAbyssal Whip 1.5k

ONb0gTX.pngPrimordial Boots  19k
DRBLIh7.pngPegasian Boots  18k
QSc7Q5B.pngEternal Boots  6k
rhSn0jY.pngDragon Warhammer 65k
KYxBMCo.pngSerpentine Helmet 10k
x98NTc0.pngDragonfire Shield 32k


BhV51vs.gifDragon Full Helmet 1k

hGxuXov.gifDragon Chainbody 1k

g2NxSGo.gifDragon Platelegs 500

8VGDwDb.pngDragon Boots 500


20tf987.pngAbyssal Tentacle 4k
Epus0bU.pngAbyssal Dagger 7k

tnuEncc.png Guardian boots 30-40k




2njlstc.pngElysian Spirit Shield 1.7m-2.3m
10oqhdx.pngArcane Spirit Shield 600k-700k
2qlzfi0.pngSpectral Spirit Shield 75k-100k
5qTaGHd.pngBlessed Spirit Shield 2K

2cr4wgp.pngSpirit Shield 800bm



ipqkhbv.pngJusticiar faceguard 250k-300k
ZOI4GAS.pngJusticiar chestguard 300k-350k
8cQf2nC.pngJusticiar legguards 300k-350k

Full set 850k-1M

yd2yY5g.pngAvernic defender  2-3m

AcwB7ap.pngSanguinesti staff 300-400k

GzupW0B.pngGhrazi rapier  1.5m-2m

lDc0Zcf.pngScythe of vitur 900k-1.3m

sFzbIps.pngSinhaza shroud tier 5 200k



Statius's warhammerStatius's Warhammer  8-10M

Statius's full helm Statius's Full helm  2-2.5M

Statius's platebodyStatius's Plate Body  2.5-3M

Statius's platelegs Statius's Plate Legs  2-2.5M

Full armour set 7-8m

Vesta's longsword Vesta's Longsword  8-10M

Vesta's chainbody  Vesta's  Chainbody  3-4M

Vesta's plateskirt Vesta's Chain skirt  5-6M

Full Armour set 8-10M 

Zuriel's hood  Zuriel's  hood  1.5-2M

Zuriel's robe top Zuriel's  robe top  2-2.5M

Zuriel's robe bottom Zuriel's robe bottoms  2-2.5M

Full set 6-7M

Morrigan's coif Morrigan's coif  1.5-2M

Morrigan's leather body Morrigan's leather body  2-2.5M

Morrigan's leather chaps Morrigan's leather chaps  2-2.5M

Full set 6-7M 



2nggyyr.png Dragon Claws 250k-300k


qpm7ww.pngAncestral Hat 150-200k

2eozkoo.pngAncestral Robe Top 300-350k

33ndche.png Ancestral Robe Bottom 300-350k
Full set 1m-1.1m


jrqntv.png Twisted Bow 600-650k


2iktsbd.png Twisted Buckler 20k


2mwb2iq.png Dinh's Bulwark 200-250k


23iatth.png Dragon Hunter Crossbow 15k


2m3ilon.png Kodai Wand 150-250k

ac8o6b.png Elder Maul 50-55k




FsXErDw.png3rd Age Bow 50-100k
XFAjbwU.png3rd Age Wand 50-100k
grKF9TL.png3rd Age Longsword 50-100k

3rd age pickaxe3rd Age Pickaxe 50-100k


3312flv.png 3rd Age Melee Full Helmet 120-150k

2hfqicw.png 3rd Age Melee Platebody 250k-300k

r9n9d0.png 3rd Age Melee Platelegs 250-300k

2zrqryg.png3rd Age Melee Kiteshield 80-100k

 700-850k  for a set

3rd age mage hat3rd Age Mage Hat  120-150k

2wejte9.png 3rd Age Mage Robe Top 200-250k

35i8vwz.png 3rd Age Mage Robe Legs 200-250k

500-600K ish for a set

3rd age range coif3rd Age Range coif 120-150k

2hq6n1x.png 3rd Age Range Top 200-250k

fbhnip.png3rd Age Range Legs 160-200k

3rd age vambraces3rd Age Range vambs 40-50k

500-600k ish for a set


5C5XTgu.pngSanta Hat 250k

Black santa hatBlack Santa 350k

1b01c5f63c469b974e89fe9b50c08583.png Inverted Santa Hat 1M

lb7RblG.pngWise old man's santa hat 2-3M

YoJOkbY.pngBlue H'ween Mask 180-225k

5ef3Yf5.pngGreen H'ween Mask 180-225k

S0273IL.pngRed H'ween Mask 180-225k

555hxk.jpg  Black partyhat 1-1.2M 

Rainbow partyhat  Rainbow Partyhat  3M 

IxFBu8z.png White Partyhat 500k

t6y0Deq.png Yellow Partyhat 500k

2dmh2cz.png Red Partyhat 500k

yzfwpmG.png Green Partyhat 500k

v94JYCl.png Blue Partyhat 500k

VO16XK9.png Purple Partyhat 500k

Dragon tokenDonor Tokens 5K-5.5k ea

Agility arena ticketVote Tickets 300-400

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