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MGT Madness

Void buff, Elder chaos druids, Infinity, Economy balance & more 27-08-2017

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  • Random event bug fixed
  • Can no longer spawn food and switch spellbooks in tournaments
  • Crawling hands no longer crash your client
  • ::discord fixed
  • Alot of offensive words have been disabled from being used as usernames and titles
  • Correct teleblock projectile visuals
  • Fixed issues with shop unable to buy/sell your item when you are full inventory. All shops now show prices on the interface.
  • Safe spot north of Wild Agility course fixed
  • Joining dice cc will now instantly teleport you to dice zone


  • Dark & light infinity colour kits have been added to the vote shop!
  • Elder chaos druids have been added to Chaos temple, level 13 wild in multi. ::elders
  • Skill menus have been added to help skillers (still in development)
  • Crazy dance & Smooth dance emotes added for Extreme Donators!


  • Void price increased.
  • Blowpipe price increased

Osrs combat updates:

  • Full void ranged now gives 10% damage and accuracy instead of 20%.
  • Melee void now gives 10% melee accuracy
  • Wearing Full elite void with Mage helm gives + 2.5% magic damage.
  • Wearing Full elite void with Ranged helm gives + 2.5% ranged damage.

Money making methods diversity & balance:

An issue we have with money making methods is some of them are very bad and only 2 were super good, which left many methods dead and not used.
The aim of this update is to buff weak money making methods and to nerf the very strong ones to bring diversity and a range of activities for the player to participate in.
Pvm bosses money per hour increases depending on: if in multi wild, deeper wild & longer time to bank.
This will reward players who do difficult and dangerous methods with higher blood money income.

  • Lava dragons now drop noted loot instead of collecting the bones and the hides etc.
  • Callisto, Chaos elemental and Mage arena pvming has been buffed to 25k/h.
  • Dragon claws is now 1 in 600 to push up its price.
  • An extra Ice strykewyrm has been added north west of ::44s
  • All bosses will now drop constant blood money, so you feel rewarded for each kill.

Donator rewards:

  • Lucky impling pet for Trenbolone E for achieving his Uber Rank
  • The everlasting for Thuggahhh for getting his Ultimate Donator
  • Pink Ags for Trenbolone for earning his Immortal Donator rank!
  • Rainbow Twisted bow for Locals
  • Muttadile pet for Locals
  • War toirtise & Ely pet for Zachery
  • TzKal-Zuk pet for Ilysian
  • Goblin pet & Baby cow pet for Verticle
  • Custom Tentacle whip for Verticle (it's not rigged guys, Wallahi its haram, this isn't os-scape with eco cleaners )


You are no longer allowed to sell your Dawntained accounts to other players. When caught, you will be banned.

SSl Certificate has been purchased for the Dawntained website, when using the website, it will look secured like this 6wQB29W.png
When ever it does not show the secure sign, it means someone used a link that does not start with http:// most of the time it is image links xD
The website has also been updated to the latest version of IPB so you might notice a few differences.

The updates have been brought to you by the Dawntained Development team, Mgt Madness & Owain!










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Good stuff man, still think the pvm could use more then 25k /hr. I think 2 hours for an ags is almost insta log out for most players . (A lot of people feel staking is the only way to make money) Which is imo true other then risk fights


- Adding demonic gorillas to west of graves and making them best money maker in game (challenging.) unlike how you can afk at revs . Create 2 active single spots.

- Maybe some kind of bonecrusher / that auto loots bones and hides from dragons

-green dragons drop multi bones and auto loots at easts drags

Edited by I am Groot

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As always great job with the updates! elder chaos druids is a nice addition aswell, will provide more action for the bloodkey that spawns there :P And the new custom pets/Custom items look great!

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Always fortunate to have an owner so dedicated to releasing new content! Thank you!

I only ask that we become more creative and move away from the OSRS content as much, maybe create a new boss that has a challenge to get to. I would love to see a boss that requires levels/campaign in order to fight it. Certain levels where you have to kill something to gain 'keys' to unlock new levels, etc. until you finally face the boss. Imagine the Security Stronghold in Runescape as a prime example but on a smaller scale of course.


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