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Good day,

I am Horizon, and I am new here. I am 24 years young, and from the United Kingdom. I am a father to one daughter, who was only born in May this year, and I work full time as an assistant manager for one of many Amazon's warehouses. I enjoy listening music (old school hip hop being my favourite genre), watching TV series (currently watching Gotham on Netflix), gaming (PC gamer), and travelling around the world (27 countries visited thus far). 

I commenced playing RuneScape in 2004, but I had stopped playing in 2011 until Old School RuneScape was released, which I no longer play now either. I have been on/off the RuneScape Private Server scene since Dodian, which was however long ago now - too long for me to remember. I have seen and heard great things regarding Dawntained, as well as what is to come, so I thought I would come and finally give it a chance.

I am looking forward to being a part of this wonderful community. See you all around!

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