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The way the owner handles things:

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After my last post, they moved it to a closed section. Quick info: I tried to recover my account for over a month now with 0 replies.  Eventhough I send numerous appeals, and made numerous forum threads. After 1 month of filing these appeals, here is what the owner has to say: 


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Please follow the instructions here to solve your problem https://www.dawntained.com/forum/forum/40-submit-a-problem/
Will check again tmrw


Submitted probably 5 appeals, and this is what I get for an answer: FILE ANOTHER ONE!

How can a server owner be so unprofessional? Replying like a 12 year old thats texting his/her friend.

Almost feels like I'm in Punk'd. 


Anyway, this is just more info for people that consider playing. 

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unlocked ur last thread, and tagged mgt with ur earlier thread that you alrdy made one with the right format. Sorry for the inconvenience, he probably didn't scroll down.

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