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MGT Madness

Content Update 3.3 | Halloween Event | Trouver parchment | Dagon'hai robes & a bunch more

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Good evening players. I have been distracted from work in the past month. However, i can tell you with certainty that i am back on track and you are seeing that with this update and the upcoming update next week!



Halloween Event

Talk to the shady looking npc south of Edgeville bank to start the quest. You know you want these cosmetic rewards.





Halloween 50% bonus rewards for donating have been enabled!
This will be removed in 7 days from now. So on the 14th of November.



Donating via 07 gp now gives you 30% more rewards for a limited time!
This will be removed when we get our Card payment processor back.



Trouver parchment

Imbue items that return to the buy-back shop on death, so that they do not go to the shop and instead, they stay in your inventory after death. Purchase the item in the Bounty hunter shop.





Dagon'hai robes

Purchase these nostalgic robes from the Pvp task reward shop.





Cabbage cape

Want to wear a cabbage cape while doing the head bang emote and scream "GUTHIXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX", go ahead.





Gricoller's can

Are you looking for an infinite watering can for your farming grind? Find it in the blood shop for a measly 5,000 blood money.




Partyhat & specs

We have finally released the Partyhat & specs into the economy. It has a blood money value of 790,000.





Settings rework

The goal of this update is to make it easier for the player to find the setting he wants to change. Along with making it easy for them to preview their changes.




Granite armour

Cosplay as a rock crab? No problem, we've got you covered here at Dawntained. The entire granite armour set has been added to the melee shop. You can find the rest of the granite equipment in the combat equipment shop and the blood money shop.




Hp overlay

It has been improved to show a smooth animation.




Account information

You can now view and quick chat additional information about your account in the Quest tab.





  • Noted items not showing correctly for "Show ground items overlay"
  • Bracelet of etherum fixes:
    • Charged / uncharged bracelets now always lost on death.
    • Fixed an issue with players being able to charge bracelets with more than 16k ether.
    • Worn bracelets are now also lost on death.
  • Amulet of avarice unskull loopholes.
  • Dark core attacking player in safe area
  • Picking up blood key while frozen bug
  • Loyalty interface timer bug showing 00:00:00
  • 10 different visual bugs have been fixed regarding Bank tabs. Please report any small bugs you find with it.
  • Players escaping staff jail.
  • Moving water toggle not working.
  • Damage xp drops showing incorrect number, along with icon for certain melee attack styles.




  • Bank pin bruteforcing has been slowed down. You can now only attempt 6 bank pins every 12 hours.
  • Gricoller's can has been added to the blood money shop for 5000 blood money. It contains unlimited charges.
  • You can now change the bounty hunter interface position by right clicking the maximize button.




  • Fullscreen disabled due to rare bugs.
  • Granite clamped maul now requires 60% special attack.
  • Doubler bank requirement increased to 900k.
  • Pet has found you message removed on log-in.
  • Clearer message when attempting to buy an item with not enough currency
  • Ties in flower poker now change eto a replant.
  • On the final screen when winning/losing a gambling match, it will show in the title what game you won or lost.




07-10-2019 to 13-10-2019
Broy00 has been promoted from Player to Support.
Instakill has been demoted from Support to Player.

21-10-2019 to 27-10-2019
Lyncs has been promoted from Player to Support.

28-10-2019 to 03-11-2019
Ameer69 has been demoted from Moderator to Player.



Want to see what we are working on? Follow our social media!
1280px-YouTube_full-color_icon_(2017).sv 174855.png Twitter_Sq-512.png 124010.png 2c21aeda16de354ba5334551a883b481.png5337_-_Snapchat-512.png




Vote for blood money giIgK1x.png every 12 hours with a chance to win Ags/D-claws, climbing to the top of the toplists is very important in order to gain more players!



There might be bugs introduced with this update that may have slipped under our noses.
Please report these bugs as soon as possible so we can roll out a fix quickly!
You can do so by any of the following methods:

  • In-game: report it on ::help
  • Discord: Reporting it on discord in the #suggestions-or-bugs text channel.
  • Forums: Create a thread here



Lwkwhin.png The updates have been implemented by Owain, MGT Madness, Jonny, Optimum & Jason
We hope you enjoy the updates while we work on more 

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just seen this game on my desktop and didnt realise it was actually becoming extinct, i did leave when playerbase became about 100-200, when max i seen was like 700 odd people online was mental. i donated over 7k donor tokens spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars of money because i loved the game and being greedy for wanting more items. end up giving it all away while ago started playing back in 2017 was best pk server ever was fun untill went downhill i think was mainly to do with random bans on people and staff not listening to the players so really i blame staff for player loss especially lack of content and updates although understood took ages for an update to be made. sad see server go. thankyou mgt madness and gl to future my friend.

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