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MGT Madness

Content Update 3.2, Help system, Collection log, Neitiznot faceguard & more. 03-10-2019

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We are now going to have weekly updates! We have noticed a slight increase in the playerbase, possibly due to the amount of updates we are releasing. For October, we are aiming to complete the new website, trading post and improved game networking.


Help System

So this Help interface was released last week, but i forgot to add it in the thread.
Access it through the Panels category on the Quest tab.

Type in your question and the server will try its best to give you an answer.

If you click submit while an answer is available, it will warn you.




This item is the best in slot for helmets in terms of strength bonus. It has been added to the Bounty Hunter shop for 3 million points.





A collection log has been added to view all your items that you have obtained. It's a really good piece of content to motivate players to fill up their collection log. Access the interface through the Quest tab, then click on the panels category.







This pet has only been available to Omega Donators, but we only had 2 of them, Pontus and Thuggahh. So to make this pet more used and available, we have decided to add it to the Donator shop for 9,000 Donator tokens.






The gree-gree has returned. We have added it to the Donator shop for 350 tokens. You can change yourself into 8 different types of monkeys.




The Michigan Effect

We got a report last week on a player saying he was barraged by an invisible players, hours later, our developer and head mod figured out that Michigan989 was in max mage, attacking players while being invisible (using the spectate feature). This bug has now been fixed and we have also added a log for everytime a Moderator spectates a player. The spectate feature is used to find spec tabbers in the wild and other rule breakers. Michigan abused this bug and ended up being demoted :/

The news spread like wildfire and players wanted to hold a gathering for the event. So a player created a leaflet to advertise the gathering.



Many hours later, players actually showed up.





  • Lava dragon pet drop not working.
  • Vorkath zombified phase now counts as udnead.
  • Clan chat message player not working.
  • Notification bug where it would show duplicate and empty.
  • Charged revenant weapons going to buy-back shop.
  • You would lose revenant charges if you died without the item.
  • Eek pet now summons correctly.
  • Charged revenant weapons could be noted and nulled.
  • Moderators would get a target while spectating.
  • Moving water toggling setting.
  • Crystal weapons wield option missing




  • Many npcs in the wilderness were being killed and not counted towards the task, we have now fixed them. The list includes
    • Ankous
    • Demons
    • Green dragons
    • Hellhounds
    • Ice giants
  • Creating bolts, such as Ruby bolts, dragonstone bolts etc.. now give blood money!



  • Rare drops from npcs are no longer broadcasted
  • Skotizo "north of lava dragons" text changed to "north west of chinchompa hill".
  • Clan chat invalid thread url typo corrected.
  • Cape stand interface text no longer goes outside the box.
  • All revenant shortcuts now require an agility level to use. This will complicate things in the wilderness, along with making it more exciting. Use Xp lamps to level up your agility.
  • Magebank stairs crevice now also requires an agility level to use.
  • Daily boss and Boss event pvm drop chance multiplier no longer stacks. Too overpowered!
  • All vote shop items are now kept on death for Pure pking fashion scape!
  • Attack level increased in F2p tournaments to counter players camping ranged.
  • Elysian spirit shield not working above 20 wild has been removed and instead it now has a 35% chance of working above 30 wild instead of 70% chance. This update is to still give Ely the best tanking usage while also still making the player much more killable.
  • Dragon hunter lance animation corrected.
  • Ring of suffering (i) bonuses have been corrected.



23-09-2019 to 29-09-2019
Powerofnegs has been promoted from Support to Moderator.
Michigan989 has been demoted from Moderator to Player.




Trading Post
So far the trading post will need around 3 weeks to be completed, we have finished the sketches.



So the ultimate website plan we have will take a really long time, the website i am aiming for is one that rivals the top MMORPGS in the market.
In order to get the website released to the players quickly, we are going to instead released a functional website that is better than what we have, this october. Then in the following months, we will be doing many updates to make it look visually better and give it more features.

We will be posting our website previews on our social media.




Want to see what we are working on? Follow our social media!
1280px-YouTube_full-color_icon_(2017).sv 174855.png Twitter_Sq-512.png 124010.png 2c21aeda16de354ba5334551a883b481.png5337_-_Snapchat-512.png




Vote for blood money giIgK1x.png every 12 hours with a chance to win Ags/D-claws, climbing to the top of the toplists is very important in order to gain more players!



There might be bugs introduced with this update that may have slipped under our noses.
Please report these bugs as soon as possible so we can roll out a fix quickly!
You can do so by:

  • In-game: report it on ::help
  • Discord: Reporting it on discord in the #suggestions-or-bugs text channel.
  • Forums: Create a thread here



Lwkwhin.png The updates have been implemented by MGT Madness, Jonny, Jason & Owain.
We hope you enjoy the updates while we work on more 

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice update support josh 4 server support


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We're finally getting there booooys!

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