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MGT Madness

Content Update 3.1, Blade of saledor, Veteran cape, Thieving stalls & more 23-09-2019

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Welcome to our Content Update, where we introduce new items, rework existing stale content, implement new features and lots of quality of life improvements to make your Dawntained experience smoother and more enjoyable then ever.

We are aware that recently the player base has dropped to an all time record low, but don't worry about it! We will start marketing once a chunk of important updates are done. I have a definite plan that will take us above and beyond the competition in terms of player count, and have a scary budget that will shock the top servers out there once the marketing stage is underway.

If I start my marketing plan now, it won't be worthwhile as Dawntained is still lacking features that our competition have. These include a Trading post, OSRS prize pool Tournaments, more engaging Wilderness events, a more visually attractive website and other reasons beside these.

Blade of saeldor

You can obtain this new weapon that rivals the Ghrazi rapier through Larran's big chest.





Veteran rewards have arrived! If your account was created within 2 weeks of Dawntained launching, then you may obtain the Veteran cape, along with a Discord Veteran rank. For every full year that passes by, the "2 weeks" becomes 1 week more. Keeping the cape very rare as the years go on.

Note that you also receive a Discord Veteran rank if you were an ex-Moderator or higher.






We have revamped the PvP tasks feature to be more rewarding and be more beneficial to the economy.
You will receive PvP task tokens as a drop, on your last PvP task kill.

10 tokens are awarded per kill required for the task.
Many items have been transferred from the Blood money shop to this new shop along with many new items.

The PvP task NPC has been visually changed to differentiate it from other Emblem trader NPCs.









To follow in line with OSRS, the granite maul now uses 60% special attack energy rather than 50. This means that in its original form, it is no longer possible to double spec.

The ornate maul handle has been added to the Bounty hunter rewards shop. This can be used to upgrade a granite maul so that it uses 50% special energy again.

Once a granite maul has been upgraded, it becomes untradeable and turns to blood money on death.







The full ardougne armour set, Gauntlet cape and the Zalcano shard have been added to the vote shop!
Combine the Zalcano shard with a Dragon pickaxe to create the Dragon pickaxe (or)






All Revenant items have been added to the Revenants drop tables at the Revenant cave. Their rarity is based on the combat level of the revenant, as well as whether or not the player is skulled.

Viggora's chainmace, Thammaron's sceptre and Craw's bow in action.






This amulet obtained as a drop via Revenants will ensure that all npc loot obtained in the wilderness will be noted.
While worn, the player will be permanently skulled, removing the amulet sets the skull timer to its regular 20 minutes.




When the bracelet of Etherum is worn, the player will be immune from damage from revenants. this will only occur if the bracelet is charged. Each revenant attack will drain the bracelet's charge by 1. Revenants will also become non aggressive when a charged bracelet is equipped.
Also, when the bracelet is worn, any ether received as loot while killing revs will automatically be added to the player's bracelet as charges.

Revenant combat is now closer to how Osrs has it, they have a chance of healing if their health falls below half, and they will will attack using magic & ranged, or melee if a player is close enough.



Being skulled increases the drop chance for rare items by 1/3.

Drop rates before:

Drop rates after being skulled:




The special attack has been added against players.





It now has a special attack which damages near-by players standing in multi-combat.





The Youngllef pet has been added to the Pet mystery box.





Stalls for thieving have been added at a popular location at home. Many players expect Dawntained to have stalls to thieve for easy money when they are broke, or they are just a few blood money away from buying something from the shops.





Everyday, a random wilderness boss is chose. Its drop rates become 3x more common and it lasts for a whole day.
The boss teleport will be highlighted in the wilderness teleports section and will be noted at the teleport interface title.
Attacking this boss will restrict you from teleporting for the next 10 seconds. Risk vs reward!





You may now thieve the chest at Rogue's castle. It offers an insane money making rate, along with the highest thieving experience possible. There is a requirement of 4,000 blood money to use this chest. Only one player may use it at a time.





You can now view the loot for every box and key.





6 more preset slots have been added. Each slot is locked to a Donator rank. From Donator, all the way to Uber Donator.





We have made many QoL and added a few neat features to the clan system. The goals were to make clan managing easier.

You can now left click a player in the clan chat to private message them.
Right click a player in the clan chat to ban or to Mod them!
3 new buttons have been added to the clan chat tab:

  • Teleport all to me (only shows for the Owner). It sends a teleport request to all clan members that are not near-by to the Owner.
  • Thread link, the Owner can set up a Dawntained forum thread link where you can sign-up or view latest news from the clan.
  • Discord link, the Owner can set up a discord link where you can all enter a voice chat channel to plan your wars!







The Fremenniik kilt and and Spiked manacles have been added to the 1st and 2nd clue caskets. These two items are the best in slot for pures looking for maximum Strength bonus!





A toggle option has been added to draw your current tooltip as a hover overlay. Check the last page of the settings tab to find it.


Food also has its own overlay, where the text will show as green if the food heals its full amount, yellow if it will heal you but not to its full potential, or white if it won't heal you.





  • Multi-combat icon on fixed screen:
    Its position will now change to not clash with any active overlay timers.
  • Overlay timers on resizable:
    They have been moved to above the inventory tab which looks much cleaner.
  • Status bars on resizable:
    It now positions correctly if you set different settings.




You can now customise your XP drops to how you like them. There is also an option to show your damage as an XP drop. Open the interface by right clicking on the XP orb.






It is now much easier to customise your f-keys, along with resetting it to Osrs or pre-eoc (default dawntained)  settings. You can now also disable and enable the ESC key to close interfaces.





You can now toggle 'My Rates' on the Npc drop table interface to view your person drop rates. Which is affected my Ring of wealth, donator status or a Boss event.





Players now have the ability to toggle time stamps next to messages. This is a useful feature found in many other games, so if you afk and come back, you know when a player last pmed you for example.





All announcements will now be sent to you in-game via a notification on the minimap. Clicking on it will enable you to view new and old notifications that you archive. Announcements such as updates, behind the scenes and important announcements.
Head Moderators and above will be able to create these announcements.






You can now obtain a pet from Lava dragons. 1 in 600 chance. The pet has been removed from the Custom pet point shop.





This unique pet has been added to the Pet mystery box.





  • Bracelet of Etherum and Revenants: is now always lost on death
  • All 0 bm clue items are now kept on death! Which is a popular request by pures, so they may fashion scape while pking.
  • Achievement item shop has been removed. The items have been transferred to clue caskets.
  • Dihn's bulwark magic defence has been removed because it is a very strong tanking weapon. You can read about it in an upcoming update Osrs will apply.
  • Target system timer changed to 10 minute wait time.
  • ::52s command removed, because it teleports you to 50 wilderness.
  • You can no longer exit via corp cave with a blood key
  • Blood key can no longer be stored in a looting bag.
  • Donator Zone image corrected
  • Killing the player that teleblocked you now removes your teleblock.
  • 'xx has logged in/out." private message text will now appear regardless of weather split private chat is on or off.




  • Announcements & Broadcasts:
    • Pet mystery box loot will no longer be broadcast as an announcement.
    • All rare drop announcements are now consistent.
    • Broadcasts for Tournaments, Blood key and Skotizo events have been simplified to only show important information and reduce spam.
    • Broadcasts now turn white if you hover over them.
  • Dragon claws sound effect updated to match Osrs.




  • Skipping a target now shows a confirmation dialogue.
  • All wilderness spawns have been updated to replicate Osrs, apart from some of our custom spawns such as tormented demons & demonic gorillas. As a result of this, Callisto and Lava dragon spawns and teleports have also been changed. Let us know if we are missing any spawns.
  • Many command variants have been added to ensure that even is a player makes a typo, the command will still work.
  • Blood money shop appearance changed to look more organised, the barrows section looked terrible.
  • Upon killing a World Event Boss, the respawn timer will be 6 seconds.
  • You can now pick-up items that are 1 tile away while frozen.




  • Ankous, bandits and skeleton can now be obtained as a Wilderness slayer task.
  • TzRek-Zuk pet metamorphosis option fixed.
  • Dwarven rock cake, guzzle option now works for some quick damage.
  • Jal-nib-rek can now be metamorphosized into TzRek-Zuk.
  • A level-up sound is now played when levelling up with sounds turned on.
  • You can now disable mouse scroll camera rotation in page 3 of settings.




  • The Bounty hunter interface now shows at ::pvp areas.
  • Security interface flicker.
  • Bounty hunter interface flicker.
  • Blood key 1 hit formula was not being calculated correctly, due to it saving your previous history from a blood key many hours ago.
  • Trade, gamble and duel request can no longer be ignored against Moderators.
  • Bounty hunter shop exploits fixed.
  • Pk and Pvm event time fixed on ::events.
  • Agility teleport stalling bug.
  • Tournament buy-back exploits fixed.
  • Private messages disappearing on split-private chat setting.
  • Safe pk zone lure by killing you just outside the safe pk area.
  • Invisible player chat head when using new hairstyles.
  • Security interface, many bug fixes have been applied, including missing text and unavailable button hovers.
  • Trade option on the Drogo dwarf at Dwarven mine now works.
  • Broken Scorpia crevice shortcuts fixed.
  • Rogue castle stairs now work.
  • Hunter trap box dupe fixed.
  • Hunter reset option on box traps has been fixed.
  • More scroll bugs added, we are trying our best to make it the same as google chrome scrollbar.
  • Npcs that cannot be venomed now cannot be poisoned too.
  • The bounty hunter interface is now positioned correctly on all resizable gameframes.





  • Armadyl chestplate, cyan blue mixed with black for Moneytalks
  • Armadyl chain skirt, cyan blue mixed with black for Moneytalks
  • Pegasian boots, cyan blue mixed with black for Moneytalks
  • Elder maul, cyan blue mixed with black for Moneytalks
  • Toxic staff of the dead, cyan blue mixed with black for Moneytalks
  • Toxic staff of the dead, black base, with bright blue trims for Apprentice




12-08-2019 to 19-08-2019:
Instakill has been promoted from Player to Support.
Platform has been demoted from Support to Player.




Want to see what we are working on? Follow our social media!
1280px-YouTube_full-color_icon_(2017).sv 174855.png Twitter_Sq-512.png 124010.png 2c21aeda16de354ba5334551a883b481.png5337_-_Snapchat-512.png




Vote for blood money giIgK1x.png every 12 hours with a chance to win Ags/D-claws, climbing to the top of the toplists is very important in order to gain more players!



There might be bugs introduced with this update that may have slipped under our noses.
Please report these bugs as soon as possible so we can roll out a fix quickly!
You can do so by:

  • In-game: Informing a staff member on ::staff
  • Discord: Reporting it on discord in the #suggestions-or-bugs text channel.
  • Forums: Create a thread here



Lwkwhin.png The updates were implemented by MGT Madness, Jonny, Jason & Owain.
We hope you enjoy the updates while we work on more 


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Good update, just wish that michi was here to see it.



  • Sad 1

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Tremendous update, and i appreciate the presets a lot. Now go make Elysian great again, and quit both the lame "You need to risk at least 20000 blood money to attack" and "NPC pj's BH targets" crap.

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insane update! looking siiick af pogpogpog

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What a tremendous effort by everyone who worked on this! Job well done!


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6 hours ago, Tase31 said:

make 07 tournies and u got me back in and shit


An 07 tournament system better than what any Osrs server has will start and end development in January 2020. This is because we are prioritizing other updates that will make us the Best Osrs pk server. So that when we do release our revamped 07 tournaments with monthly 1-5b 07 prizes, players stick around and play the game after participating in the tournament, why would they stick around? Because we are better than any other Pk server! :)

  • Lul 1

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On 24/09/2019 at 7:39 PM, Tase31 said:

make 07 tournies and u got me back in and shit


Ur trash tho

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