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MGT Madness

Weekly QoL Update 3.0.2, Pvp task, QoL & Bug fixes 18-08-2019

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  • Pvp task reward per kill increased to 600 bm from 400 bm to increase activity.
  • Teleport restriction after using special attack has been increased to 7 seconds from 5 seconds to give a bigger chance to kill spec tabbers.
  • Tokkul drops for Tzhaar monsters has been changed to every drop to how it was a very long time ago. You can use tokkuls to buy Uncut onyx or Amulet of fury from the Tzhaar shop.
  • Magic cape spellbook charges changed to 15 a day from 5 to increase the use of this cape, because Osrs has it at 5.
  • Casting teleblock will also trigger the special attack teleport restriction. This is to provide a counter attack to players who teleblock and tab.
  • You can no longer use the Revenant caves npc to exchange emblems using full f2p.




  • Runecrafting pouches and coal bag now sends a message if you try to fill it up without the required item.
  • Adding tickets to the lottery now warns you.
  • Missing kill messages added for:
    • Battle mages
    • Elder chaos druids
    • Lava dragons
    • Revenants
  • All boss respawn timers have been reduced to 25 seconds! Most of them were 35 seconds before this change.
  • Horvik added back to the shop area so new players and existing players can locate his shops more easily compared to the table at shops.
  • ::preset command added
  • Many items have been given a bm value, such as:
    • Boss heads (Vorkath head)
    • Ornament kits (vote shop items)
    • Colour kits (vote shop items)
    • Whip mixes (vote shop items)
    • Upgrade kits (vote shop items)




  • You now received an Ancient Artefact every target kill. This will surely spice things up!




  • Flame of Zamorak animation did not stall the player visually.
  • Un-resting yourself would pause the character.
  • If you buy an item that is on discount on the Donator interface, it would not update your Donator progress bar.
  • BH Interface emblem tier number would flicker upon entering/exiting wilderness.
  • When setting a skill to 99 manually, it will now show your manually gained xp, such as 20m strength xp.
  • Karil's coif had incorrect bonuses.
  • Slayer task bugs have been fixed for Chaos druids.



The ::blacklist interface has been reworked to be more understandable and a limit of 150 names has been added to it.





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Vote for blood money giIgK1x.png every 12 hours with a chance to win Ags/D-claws, climbing to the top of the toplists is very important in order to gain more players!



There might be bugs introduced with this update that may have slipped under our noses.
Please report these bugs as soon as possible so we can roll out a fix quickly!
You can do so by:

  • In-game: Informing a staff member on ::staff
  • Discord: Reporting it on discord in the #suggestions-or-bugs text channel.
  • Forums: Create a thread here



Lwkwhin.png The updates were implemented by MGT Madness, Jonny, Jason & Owain.
We hope you enjoy the updates while we work on more 

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