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Behind the Scenes

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I figured i'd give a little behind the scenes insight into what is being worked on, and what you guys can expect in the future. In regards to the update that was promised 2 weeks after the previous update was delayed, there should have been communication that the update was delayed. We understand that communication is an issue and will try to communicate delays sooner in the future (that's a weird sentence). 

What is currently being worked on

  • Networking improvements. We recently changed the API we use to manage server traffic. This change will reduce network latency which subsequently improves the game experience. 
  • Website rewrite. Zack has done a fantastic job on the website thus far. Players will see an easier, more intuitive shopping experience online. As well as more reliable voting, and a more cosmetically appealing highscores, and much more. 

Next Updates 

The following updates are the next changes to that game that you can expect. Some of these changes are completed and some are still being worked on and may be delayed due to unexpected workloads or unexpected bugs before deployment.

  • Collection log
  • Achievements
  • Dwarf Cannon
  • Abyssal Sire
  • Rune and Adamant Dragons
  • Global Wilderness
  • Barrelchest
  • Superior Slayer
  • Deranged Archaeologist

Future Updates

  • Trading Post
  • Automated Player Killing Tournaments
  • Website Improvements
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Good stuff! Thanks for giving us some info and can't wait for those new updates!

Keep the grind up!

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Thanks for the information/communication - Really glad about this new update and can't wait for the future ones. In this thread already I can see some things I would be grinding on the daily. Thank you and the rest of the development team for all of your hard work making sure you can bring these updates to us.

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