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Wilderness Slayer Diaries Epidodes 1&2

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The first video was created within hours of the wilderness slayer update going live, so there's a few nooby mistakes and some misinformation. I didn't really know which tasks were worth doing and which ones you should be skipping. By the second video, I had learned this. Luckily, I did manage to get a pet for the video, which makes it approximately three times cooler. 2 Larrans keys opened at the end.



The second video, I am starting to know what to do and how to slay efficiently in the wilderness.
Also I was a little more relaxed with making a video by this point so I was showing a bit more personality
There's a Dharoks tournament thrown in there for lols too. 11 Larrans keys opened at the end. 



Another day, another pet hunt.
Made some absolute bank during this video!
Wilderness slayer is my favourite content by far.


Can we change my forum name to Aims pls x

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