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Occult Necklace and Light/Heavy Ballista

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So, we all know that both the Occult Necklace and the Light/Heavy Ballista are items obtainable at the BM shop. However, they are not used as often as i'd like. I have two suggestions to encourage the use of them:

  • Make the Occult Necklace into a PvM drop (perhaps from Vet'ion or Mage Arena) to increase their circulation (in over a year here i've pked more Amulets of Torture, that including hybriding).
  • Lower the store price of both the Light and Heavy Ballista (Light around 15-20% and Heavy around 30-40%) so that they are used more frequently.

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Occult requirements have been lowered, however, both Ballistas are still expensive stuff.

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