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Road to all pets

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So this will be my progress thread which I'm going to keep updated.

My goal is to recieve all pets in-game without using Pet Mystery Boxes.

Skilling pets

Beaver (woodcutting) - Completed

Rocky (theiving) - Completed

Rock Golem (mining) - Completed

Phoenix (firemaking) - Completed

Heron (fishing) - Completed

Herbi (herblore) Completed

Tangleroot (farming) - Completed

Rift Guardian (runecrafting) - Completed

Giant Squirrel (agility) - Completed

Baby Chinchopa (hunter) - N/A


PvM Pets

Vorki - N/A

Pet Snakeling - Completed

Hellpuppy - Completed

Pet Dark Core - N/A

Baby Mole - Completed

Kalphite Princess - N/A

Demonic Gorilla - Completed

Spawn Pet - Completed

Scorpia's Offspring - Completed

Giant Rat Pet - Completed

Pet Kraken - Completed

Pet White Chaos Elemental - Completed

Vet'ion jr - N/A

Tormented Demon Pet - Completed

Callisto Cub - Completed

Ice Strykewyrm -  Completed

Pet Chaos Elemental - Completed

Venenatis Spiderling - Completed

Prince Black Dragon - Completed

Supreme - Completed

Prime - Completed

Rex - Completed

Pet K'ril tsutsaroth - Completed

Pet Zilyana - Completed

Pet General Graador - Completed

Pet Kree'arra - Completed

Revenant Knight - Completed

Revenant Demon - Completed

Revenant Dragon - Completed

Lava Dragon Pet  - Completed



Other Pets

Bloodhound - Completed

Tzrek Jad - Completed

Dharok Pet - Completed

Karil's Pet -  N/A

Ahrim's Pet - Completed


45 pets in total - 39 completed











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damn son you alrdy got quite a lot

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