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sup lads hows it going, at first i feel like dawntained can almost be a duplicate to osrs in many areas however to this day i still have no clue why the revenants at the cave (wildy 40) aint givin out the new rev weapons such as craws bow, this will boost the pking and pvming rate, dont be surprised if majurity of the server is at rev caves if this update does come into action, 

2nd suggestion: i dont understand why many people hate on me when i give this suggestio, PK TIMERS!, i feel like this should completely be removed and the pk timer should be in line with osrs pk timer, i dont see the fact why after a kill you cannot pj that other lad or get a sneaky rush in there, its up to that lad to quickly make a escape route or put up his defensive prayers up right? i feel like the pk timer right now is supporting everyone and that they should not be worried after dropping someone.

thats my 2 suggestions i hope you boys agree but let me know if you disagree and why, thanks alot lads respect!

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