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MGT Madness

Bug fixes, tweaks & upcoming updates 17-05-2019

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  • Pressing entering on log-in screen would not visually work.
  • Kdr overlay fixed.
  • Items kept on death interface, the highlighted items have been corrected for certain items.
  • When blood money goes on 24 hour sale, it now shows the correct bm amount which is 10k.
  • Tome of fire maxhit corrected, it now hits way higher.
  • Splash freeze.
  • Ahrims with damned amulet now has 25% chance to trigger instead of 100%.




  • Guide interface information updated.
  • Loyalty icon in the quest tab has been updated.
  • Announcements are now spammed less.
  • Outdated announcements removed.
  • Moderators can no longer kick each other out of the game.
  • Blood key can now be picked up after 120 seconds after it spawned instead of 50 seconds. This will give a chance to more players to arrive.
  • Dragon claws can now be sold back to the shop.
  • Vote dialogue can now bring you to the website instead of typing in ::vote and the outdated 150 donator tokens message removed.
  • Item drag default is now set to 10 to make it easier for new players to switch without dragging. Everyone has been reset to 10.
  • Rune pouch price changed to 15k blood money. It now drops 25% of its price to the enemy and can be purchased back from the buy-back shop for 75% of its price. 




  • Custom: Statius's warhammer, Gilded colour for Ameer69



Updates being worked on



Owain, Wilderness slayer.


  • Content and money making/sink analytics so i can optimize updates and balance the game.
  • Re-working the networking system to reduce lag and speed up switching.

Zack, Reworked highscores so we can easily add more highscores, including weekly highscores where the #1 spot receives an in-game reward.



Vote for blood money giIgK1x.png every 12 hours with a chance to win Ags/D-claws, climbing to the top of the toplists is very important in order to gain more players!

Lwkwhin.png The updates were implemented by MGT Madness, Jonny, Optimum, Jason, & Owain.

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Looking good, alot of people will be happy they can lamp hunter soon.

Edited by Jaehaerys

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Waiting for hunter being added to vote shop! Praying... been multiple months now

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