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Staff Feedback March and April 2019

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ameer69:He's the best staff to me , cuz he make the players funny :D with a fair thing... he do fair by everything
he like all the players and he make happy the new playres-the oldest players
he give items to new players... no1 staff do it.. i hope he still playing :D

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I am not happy one bit, I have been waiting over 3 weeks to get my account back with my donator statut and items.

My account was given to me reseted, I asked to get this fixed and then @MGT Madness gave me an account that is not even mine saying it is banned and gotta pay15m osrs gold.. 

Seriously then closes my thread after I patiently waited for 3 weeks it is unreal...

What's is the point of this I was not banned and it's not even my account can you please fix this mistake???

I have sent several private messages not one of them has a reply, what do you take me for man. Seriously if your too busy get some help man. 

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much love to all the staffs been keeping it 100 ever since i started this server shout out to you guys ! @staffs good work guys keep it up #love westy :P

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Before I get started, I've just recently come back to Dawntained about almost 2 weeks ago after a good 8 month break, and my responses will be solely based on what I've seen in those weeks.


@MGT Madness : I like the effort you've been making in updating and fixing bugs and patches, along with trying to increase the player base with more incentives. Love the loyalty program. 

aDubIpz.pngHead Moderator:

@Subarashii : I've seen you on maybe once and you logged out pretty quickly, but I'm sure you probably handle more stuff behind the scenes so benefit of the doubt there.


No comment here as I am not familiar with them as of yet.






@Gramatik : You're either pking or dicing, which is a good thing because that's where most problems amongst people arises so it's good you're someone who's active on those parts.

@Hatorade: Haven't seen you on once.

@Mlh: You're a pretty chill mod, you take control over yell which I get some players may think is too uptight but there are a lot of haters that yell which need to be silenced regardless of if it's banter, there is a certain line that no one should cross. 

@Hat: I've seen you on a couple of times but those were just you being afk so I can't say much on you yet. 

@Frederik: Same as Hat.

@Jaehaerys: Probably the most active mod I've seen since I've gotten back, and you're a great help with little to none bias towards anyone. You do your job well and sucks Daenarys died. :/ 

MYKYMgg.pngServer Supports:

@Ameer69: Dude's one of the chillest people I've come across, but if I'm being completely honest I haven't see you "help" as much as you could be doing but none the less you are helpful when you choose to be.

@michigan989: You're one of my favorites even though I don't talk to you at all, you're always offering help and I don't think I've ever seen you get angry or triggered at all. You're calm and a delight to have on the server.


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