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MGT Madness

Bug fixes & Future updates 11-05-2019

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Bugs squashed

  • ::fps now stacks with update countdown timer and other text above it.
  • Well of goodwill bug where it can activate 2x instead of once.
  • Impling jars can now be opened.
  • Price checker now shows price: 0 when needed.
  • Blood barrage now heals on cast.



  • Easter removed.
  • 2FA disabled until we resolve an issue with it.



Updates being worked on

Jonny: Duel arena tax (can still stake items), along with removing minimum 5% stake required.

Jonny: Notification interface

Jason: A dawntained client that does not need Java installed on your machine, we have new players that cannot run our normal client due to incorrect settings on their machine to run a Jar client, so this new optional Dawntained client will fix their issue.


Optimum: Target system revamp



Vote for blood money giIgK1x.png every 12 hours with a chance to win Ags/D-claws, climbing to the top of the toplists is very important in order to gain more players!

Lwkwhin.png The updates were implemented by MGT Madness, Jonny, Optimum, Jason, & Owain.

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Removing the stake limit very good idea but seeing as the tax is 2.5% seem a little bit high, nonetheless nice updates!

  • Seems good 1

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Alot of players has requested the removal of the stake limit, glad to see it go. Will bring more life to the duel arena for sure :) 

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