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Lots of Suggestions

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This is a list of some suggestions I had for various aspects of the server (PvP, PvM, Skilling, New Items, Forums, etc.) Some of them may be borrowed from threads posted so I apologize for anyone who feels I am ripping them off or stealing their ideas. A fair bit of this is also thanks to my friend Leo/I Am Groot who linked me his list, some of which I have integrated into mine. I would also like to thank Mavv (I borrowed some of his ideas I remember reading his threads) and anyone else (don’t remember other names, sorry) whose ideas I used. Additionally some sections may look bigger than others but this is likely due to the fact that many suggestions apply to more than one area and I included them in the most applicable section.

Report A Bug Section – Recently I found a few bugs which were relatively small and posted them in the ‘Report a Problem’ section because I couldn’t find a bug report section and this seemed to be the closest thing. After a while I found quite a few bugs and reported several before being asked by a moderator to make them into one thread which I did. I then went away for a few days and returned to find them all dumped into the suggestion forum and figured this was a mistake but when I asked a moderator to reverse this, they stated MGT was the one who moved them. I then asked him and he said that the Report a Problem forum is not a Report a Bug forum. The end result was the suggestion forum being spammed with threads that don’t look like / aren’t formatted as suggestions because they weren’t intended to be. Adding a Report a Bug section would not only remedy this but also provide a solution for confused players looking to report bugs just as I was. Additionally in the event that any bug is found which could cause some serious damage, you would want it posted in a private section so not everyone could see it and abuse it until MGT fixed it. With a designated section for bugs, MGT could visit this section and see them separate from everything else as well which would hopefully result in them being fixed quicker, as well as provide MGT with a single area to find all reported bugs.

Content Polls / Polls section – Perhaps add this as a subforum of updates. Essentially allow players to vote on certain updates like potential changes to items or new additions to the server which may be controversial. Not only updates but MGT or other staff could also poll player opinions on other things such as how the server is doing. MGT doesn’t even need to make decisions based on the poll data but players feeling their opinion is at least being heard if not having some effect on the future of the server they’re playing is a good thing. It will also perhaps provide another perspective to staff and development. In addition to the forum section, the polling/voting booth could be added ingame similar to 07 when they have content polls and this could redirect to the forums polling section. This would also possibly bring additional forum activity which is another benefit.

Feedback Section – This would allow players to voice their feelings regarding updates, the state of the server, the staff team as a whole, individual staff members and so on. It would essentially be an open forum where players could provide (hopefully constructive) criticism. Many other servers utilize this forum section and often times it is popular as well as occasionally useful in helping staff members or other players realize issues that have gone unnoticed. 


Killstreaks – Many other servers have announcements for users on killstreaks as well as a bounty system and an announcement when said streak is ended. While this is nice it can be a bit much. Instead of adding all of this, simply add a reasonable additional reward for ending killstreaks. Something along the lines of an additional statuette per 5 kills the user had on their killstreak when you ended it.
PvP Tasks – Currently there is a record of how many PvP tasks you have completed. However, regardless of how many you complete there is no additional bonus. Add some sort of reward perhaps receive for each 50 tasks completed (or another amount.) Additionally, add a set of titles similar to those obtained via various PKing styles for x amount of tasks completed at different amounts.

DDing in Tournaments – The vast majority of tournaments are NH or Hybrid. As a matter of a fact, with the exception of DH tournaments, every tournament is. The one thing I have noticed that ruins the tournaments and that most people seem to have an issue with is DDing. That is freezing an individual and essentially abusing game mechanics to take little to no damage while damaging them by repeatedly going under them and back out. I have even seen staff members complain about this. Similar to how you get 1 hit during the blood key or skotizo for boxing, have users automatically DQed/killed for DDing in hybrid tournaments (possibly NH tournaments as well although this is arguable due to the nature of NHing itself). This is perhaps something that could be polled as no DQ, DQ in hybrid tournaments, DQ in NH tournaments, or DQ in both.

Veng Timer – Currently when you veng the timer remains even if you change presets. Your stats, health etc. are all reset to normal but the veng timer does not reset which can be rather bothersome. I am also unsure if it resets on death (don’t remember), but if it does not, it should.

Venom – Currently “venom” on here inflicted by toxic items is merely equivalent to poison but with 10 damage. The hitsplat color is incorrect, I believe the HP orb color is also incorrect, the damage does not increase and I believe the timer is not even correct (seems pretty slow, intended to be every 20 seconds.) It should start at 6 and increase by 2 capping at 20 and have the proper timer and hitsplats/orb color. If Venom is properly added, Antivenom potions should also be added to the blood money store.

Binds – Currently binds do not work in F2p Pking, meaning F2p Pking beyond edgeville is pretty much pointless or at the very least much more annoying without the ability to freeze your opponent even for the five seconds that bind allows. This also effectively kills the chance of any F2p Pking or warring taking place.

Functioning Clan Chats – Currently the clan chat system on Dawntained is, no offense, quite horrible. It is buggy and sometimes people ranked are not able to join (this happened after a rollback, but also to people who were ranked before the point the server was rolled back to), there is only a friend or a moderator rank as opposed to the full range of ranks, and the interface is not fantastic as well as missing several options (setting who can rank, setting what ranks can do what, setting who can talk, setting who can ban/kick, and so on.) The proper interface, options etc. should be added to support proper clanning and make CCs less of a pain in the ass to manage. 

F2p Pking – Add titles for F2p Pking similar to how Ranged tank, pure, hybrid, zerker, and main melee PKing each have their own set of titles. Additionally, perhaps add F2p Pking to PvP tasks to increase the amount of people doing it. 

Mage Arena – Make it so you can only use magic in here and the battle mages are aggressive (Credit: Leo’s thread.)

Graves - Multi lines at graves are busted. South of graves they're considerably broken, especially near rocks where there are areas that are multi which should not be. I am unsure if there are other areas around graves where the lines are off but they are definitely not as they should be.

Obelisks/Portals - Add the ability to redirect portals/obelisks to a specific other obelisk location (or the same one) as some form of perk either from blood money or otherwise. With multiple people setting a location i'm not sure which command it would be coded to follow however so this may be something that has to be looked into so it's not broken / abused / etc.

Slayer Store / Point system (?) – Currently in place of a slayer point system you simply receive blood money and the only slayer related reward is a slayer helm which you can upgrade for 20k BM. Add a functioning slayer store either with slayer points (rewarded from tasks) or just with blood money so you can purchase slayer related perks and items with either points or blood money. The first of these perks should be the ability to block a task for points / bm which will allow players to not repeatedly spend money on skipping/changing a task. They will be able to unblock the task for free but if they wish to block it again they will have to pay the same fee.

::Easts – Add some form of boss or slayer monster to ::easts. This can literally be anything which will attract players to the area and make it an active PK spot. It is normally a highly active PK area on RS and on many servers but there is no reason to go there on here, with the exception of running down through single during blood key events. Adding something here will bring life to a dead wilderness zone which is generally very popular. 

Thermonuclear Smoke Devils – Add these (perhaps at ::easts as the new monster there) with their usual drop table – occult, dragon chainbody, smoke battlestaff and the pet. As new content with some valuable drops but not to the extent where it shits out high value items they will likely be popular and adding anything to the current slayer system which isn’t a monster that drops nothing but junk is a good thing. If added to a wilderness zone to bring activity, such as ::easts, this would be another plus.

Elder Chaos Monks – Put the Elder Chaos Monks in their appropriate location at the Chaos Temple / Altar and have them drop elder chaos robes while making them obtained as a slayer task. This would give people a reason to visit this area and add a money making method (make them drop bm, etc as well) which would bring activity to another dead wilderness zone. If they are able to teleport people this effect should be disabled during the blood key.

Vet’Ion, Scorpia, Crazy Archaeologist and Chaos Fanatic – Add these bosses in their appropriate locations throughout the wilderness with their appropriate drops (and perhaps some additional ones), giving the wilderness some more content and adding additional money making methods.

Callisto – Move Callisto to the proper area in the wilderness.
Demonic Gorillas – Demonic Gorillas should be added in the wilderness in the same location which they are on other popular servers (example: 41cb527f14.jpg) this will give us another decent PKing spot as well as add a decent money making method / boss in the wilderness which can drop zenyte shards (or just the full jewelry pieces – torm brace, anguish, torture and suffering) and light / heavy ballista or the individual pieces among other things. 

KBD - KBD should be aggressive to the point where it attacks you upon entering the KBD cave. This is so that if someone teleports in without a DFS/mage pray/etc after tanking a TB or nearly dying, there is a chance of KBD finishing the kill. Currently you have to walk x amount of steps closer to KBD for it to be aggressive but if i'm not wrong it should be aggressive as soon as you teleport in if it is not already in combat (or regardless of if it's in combat? not sure)


Abyssal Rift – Add the Abyssal Rift in the appropriate location at edgeville with the correct entrance. I am unsure how Runecrafting works on here as I haven’t trained it but if it’s not functional, it should be. The monsters inside should also drop the runecrafting pouches which allow users to carry more essence with them when runecrating. This also integrates skilling into the wilderness to at least a certain extent as they will have to pass through on their way to the rift and risk death.

Rogue’s Chests – These already exist behind the Rogue’s castle in the wilderness. Add the proper functionality as well as the damage upon failed thieving attempts and the high level rogue NPCs which attack you upon thieving so it cannot be AFKed. Add rewards such as a chance of blood money as well as other potential valuable rewards and give bonus thieving EXP due to the fact that they are in the wilderness. This will hopefully draw people to this area of the wilderness for a reason other than the chaos elemental which can make deep wilderness PKing more active in this area as well as provide a moneymaking method and making thieving worth training.

Agility - Add Graceful to the agility point store. Remove the NPCs at wilderness agility course which aren't intended to be there. Fix the agility entrance/ramp to the Wilderness course functionality which is intended for you to not be able to eat / pot / etc while walking across it and you take all damage received during the transition after reaching the end of it. You also cannot fight back / attack anyone while walking across it (unsure if the ramp was fixed or not but was mentioned in Leo's thread.)

Item Changes & New Items:

Ornament Kits on Death – In many games and even on 07 itself ornament kits are dropped in the loot pile upon death as long as the ornamented item was not kept by the player who died. I feel this change should be made on here as well. This would give ornament kits some monetary value which would perhaps make voting more active with players knowing they could sell or xfer the ornament kits to other accounts. This would of course not apply to all items but only certain ornamented items, similar to the live game. This would apply to : Torture, Fury, Occult, Dragon full helm/Chainbody/Plateleg/Plateskirt/Square Shield/Scimitar, and Armadyl/Bandos/Saradomin/Zamorak Godsword kits. This would not apply to: Granite clamp, Ward upgrade kite, Dragon Defender kit (as dragon defender (or) is autokeep), Dark bow paints, or Volcanic / Frozen whip mix. 

New Ornament Kits – While looking through the vote store I noticed that some ornament kits are missing. These are the dark infinity kits and light infinity kits. Seeing as every other ornament kit is ingame for the most part. Infinity is already ingame so I do not see a tremendous issue to adding the infinity ornament kits and perhaps giving players who have ornamented everything / 99s / etc a reason to vote again. The dragon pickaxe ornament kit is also not ingame but I didn’t know if it was worth mentioning. Not many people use it but it may be enjoyable to some which would in turn bring the server at least a few votes so if it is easy enough to be added, why not?

Rune Javelins – Rune Javelins should be added to the blood money store or the ammo store for free. Why? Every other ranged weapon has a version of free ammunition – free arrows, free darts, free bolts. There are no free javelins, effectively making the ballista the most expensive ranged weapon to use on the server. As it is considerably more powerful than most, this is understandable. However, adding lower tier javelins such as rune javelins for free would allow for a cost effective use of the weapon without allowing it to be too incredibly powerful. If Rune Javs are added in a balanced manner it should make the ballista more popular. 

Ring of Suffering ( r ) – Currently the normal ring of suffering ( r ) is available in the blood money store as well as the basic ring of suffering and the fully upgraded ring of suffering ( ri ). I have seen a number of players purchase the first ring and then upgrade to the ( r ) instead of the ( ri ) thinking it was a 3 tiered upgrade as opposed to the ( r ) and ( ri ) being different items in the blood money store. To resolve this, either remove the ring of suffering ( r ) which is relatively useless anyways compared to the upgraded version for only a 2k difference, or add the ability for players to upgrade the normal ( r ) ring to ( ri ) for the difference in price between the two as opposed to having to purchase the entire item over again.

Amulet of the Damned – The Amulet of the Damned would be a nice addition to the server not only as a new item / amulet apart from the few available, but also to improve barrows PKing. Very few people PK in full barrows sets aside from Dharoks, making many pieces including the ahrim’s hood/staff, karil’s coif, torag’s hammers, etc. all useless and not very desirable. Adding the Amulet of the Damned with the proper effects will hopefully make full barrows sets worth using and add diversity to the wild.

Zamorakian Hasta – The Zamorakian Hasta is essentially a 1 handed version of the Zamorakian spear, making it much more desirable as you can use it for a shield. This makes it more useful for both PvP and PvM. Making the spear upgradeable to the hasta will be a bloodmoney sink as well as increasing the value / desirability of the zamorakian spear in comparison to the dragon spear which has the same spec / effects (though weaker bonuses) at only 500 bm. It is also used in staking but I’m unsure if that’s frowned upon or not since I don’t stake.

Crystal Halberd – The Crystal Halberd is another item that is seemingly missing from the server. It is relatively strong but to combat this it is somewhat inaccurate and also rather slow. I have played other servers which had it implemented and it was enjoyable to PK with in opposition to the usual weapons which are gmaul, DDS, and AGS/claws. Anything that adds diversity to the wilderness is beneficial as it allows players to have more options. 

Abyssal Bludgeon – The Abyssal Bludgeon is yet another item that is not implemented ingame, despite the abyssal dagger being available. It is somewhat less useful than the dagger but would still be interesting to see ingame as I’m sure many people could agree. The special attack if coded properly may also be enjoyable to PK with and the addition of new items / weapons just as new content is always a good thing.

Void – Many untradeables are autokeep regardless of wilderness level and in many cases this isn’t insanely problematic. Void however is a plague upon deep wilderness, especially multi. Multi events such as the blood key and multi wars in general are generally full of people in void, void hybrid, or void tribrid which risk little to nothing while also having substantial bonuses in comparison to other cheap or spawnable gear. To fix this, make void not lost past a certain level, but, similar to barrows items or similar to void on the real game, have it break upon death and require a small fee to repair it. This will likely slow down or deter the people who constantly return in void. Part of the fee to repair the void or the entire fee can also drop on death, similar to the rune pouch. If none of the fee is dropped upon death but it still costs money to repair it, this is just more of a money sink which could also be positive. Void isn’t very expensive in the first place so the fee to repair likely wouldn’t be much either.

Zulrah Scales – Add Zulrah Scales to the blood money store for something like 1 blood money per 4-5 scales. They will be required to charge toxic blowpipe, toxic staff of the dead, trident of the swamp and serpentine/tanzanite/magma helms. While uncharged, toxic staff and trident will assume the stats of their uncharged versions and no longer inflict venom. The uncharged versions of the helms and blowpipe will not function at all. Upon death, if the charged item is lost, the scales appear in the loot pile and the person is able to recharge the item by readding the scales. This will serve as a blood money sink and also make some of the more powerful items ingame cost money for use as they are intended to.

Duellist’s Cap – The Duellist’s Cap is a cap which upgrades according to how many duels someone has won at the duel arena. There are 6 tiers which the final is unlocked at 5000 duels won. This being a private server the amount of duels won should probably be lowered for each tier. The cap will allow stakers to show off the amount of duels they have won and could be started from scratch upon being added or include already recorded stakes on the server. It will be awarded following a user’s first duel win post-update if it is ever implemented. There are also emotes that come with each tier that could be added.

Wilderness Teleport Tabs – Wilderness teleport tabs allow players to teleport to various wilderness locations which are not those we can currently teleport to via boss teleports or ::teleport commands such as ::gdz etc. These will provide clans/teams the ability to utilize strategy when hitting opposition by coming from different locations other than the few which are currently options. As 1 use items they will also be a decent money sink.

Lumberyard Teleport – Add Lumberyard Teleports to the blood money store. These are used for quick returns to the area south of ::easts as well as for strategy when fighting against other teams / clans in the area for quick returns and so on. 

Salve Amulet ( e ) – The Salve amulet ( e ) grants bonus damage on undead monsters which would include revenants, vet’ion (if it were ever added), and a number of slayer monsters. This would make it highly desirable if not solely for revenants. Adding this to my proposed slayer store would be a valuable addition to the server and encourage players to train slayer / get points or spend bloodmoney. This or the upgraded ( ei ) version could be added and be a valuable PvM related update. 

Castle Wars Deco Armor – Add the Castle Wars Deco armor (mage, melee and range) to the high risking store or the blood money store for like 5k or less a piece (noting that they don’t really have decent stats and other than the mage hat, not many people wear it.) This is mainly a cosmetic addition but it does have some stats and the mage hat is actually somewhat popular especially with lower defence builds.

Penance Items – The boots, gloves and skirt to the penance set are missing from the game while all helms and the torso are ingame. The blood money untradeable store is pretty small compared to the main blood money store as well. Adding these will allow users to have the full set if they so please.

Ancient Mace – The Ancient Mace is used to drain prayer according to the amount of damage inflicted by the special attack. This would be useful in keeping people from constantly prodding +1s in multi and it generally has a low protect value (could make it cost a fair amount while still having a low protect value). Coupled with spears however it would be relatively overpowered, presenting a downside to the addition of this item. 

Xerican Robes – These are low defence robes with decent stats which would likely be popular in pure pking and lower defence builds due to the fact that they have lower requirements than some other gear while still having substantial enough bonuses. They also provide options other than the few which are currently available for low defence builds when it comes to magic robes. The hides used to create the robes could also be added slightly cheaper than the robes (taking into account that multiple are used per piece) to provide some form of profit when crafting.

Ring of Slaying – This will be another item that should be added to the proposed slayer store. The ability to craft them will also be purchased from the slayer store. This allows teleportation to some slayer areas as well as communication to the slayer master to check how many kills you have left on your task and to receive a new task. The log for kills of each individual monster should also be added so that players can check how many kills they have and reference it without having to remember or kill another of the monster and see the message in their chatbox.

Broad Bolts / Arrows – Add broad arrows / tips for PvM (some people also use them for PvP) and training fletching. They will serve as a money sink for easy fletching EXP and the ability to fletch them should be purchased from the proposed slayer store. 

Tome of Fire / Pyromancer – The Tome of Fire boosts the damage of fire spells which would be beneficial for users on the normal spellbook as opposed to ancients or lunars. The Pyromancer set could also be useful for players training firemaking although I’m not sure if it will be useful so it may only be worth adding the tome.

Crystal Bow – Add the Crystal bow to the ranged store or blood money store. It is not a highly overpowered weapon but still relatively strong and dependable, and gives an additional weapon adding to the few existing range weapons there currently are on the server. The crystal shield is also already ingame so why not the bow? 

Best In Slot / Pure Items – Certain popular or best in slot pure items are missing. This includes the book of war, the combat bracelet, the regen bracelet and the bearhead. Each of these are popular pure pking items with decent stats (regen bracelet also has an effect) which are missing from the game.

Coal Bag / Gem Bag – These bags will assist with various skills by permitting users to carry more supplies on them at any given time. The most popular use will likely be smelting which requires large amounts of coal. 

6 Charge Glories / Eternal Glory – Unsure about the (6) charge glories but the eternal glory should be added to the game somehow. My first thought was the way of obtaining it on RS but due to glories being spawnable on here, this may be problematic. Adding a cost per glory charged may combat this or perhaps add another way of obtaining the eternal glory altogether. 

Silver Jewelry – There is a wide range of enchanted silver jewelry which provides many different effects. Some of these would be beneficial to players while others may be seen as useless. The useful ones should be added and the ability to craft / enchant the items should be added, which would also make training crafting worthwhile and somewhat profitable. 

Imbued Heart-  The imbued heart is a highly desirable item which provides a magic level boost thus making it useful in both PvP and PvM as the boost is better than a magic potion. The addition of this item to the game would likely be a popular one especially as it is considered to be a relatively high level item.

Stamina Potions – Stamina Potions are intended to slow the use of run energy as well as restore them like a super energy potion does. Someone told me they do not function properly and only restore run energy but do not slow the drain which, if true, should be fixed.

Serpentine Helm – Similar to the Stamina Potion I was informed that the Serpentine helm does not work properly in preventing venom / poison. This should be fixed if true as wearing the serpentine helm (or magma/tanzanite helm) should make you immune to poison and venom.

Antifire Potion – Antifire potion also apparently does not work as intended in PvP. It is supposed to work against the dragon bolt ( e ) special attack in a similar manner that it works against dragonfire from NPCs (unsure if 100% the same damage reduction however.) 

Amethyst Arrows / Bolts / Javelins – Amethyst Arrows are one up from dragon arrows and useable with the magic shortbow, which would make them beneficial for range tank and pure pking. The bolts and javelins are also decent range ammunition for their appropriate range weapons. The addition of the ammo as well as the amethyst to the server to be fletched into the ammo would be a good thing. It would also allow people to somewhat profit from training fletching by making amethyst cheaper than the ammo per arrow tip / etc.

Dwarf Multicannon – The Dwarf Multicannon would be useful for multi combat zones when it comes to slayer and PvM as it does far more damage than an individual player can do in that time. It would also serve as a money sink for the cannonballs and perhaps add some profit to smithing if they can make the ammo from free steel bars.

Bones to Peaches – Add Bones to Peaches tabs to the blood money store which turn any bone up to big bones in your inventory to peaches (heals 8 hp) upon use. This is useful for long PvMing trips so you don’t burn through your supplies quite as quickly. The tabs as they are a 1 time use will also serve as a bloodmoney sink. 

Hill Giant Club – Add the Hill Giant Club for F2p Pking as a new weapon other than the R2h and Rune scim. The boss that drops it could also be added but with a F2p weapon as the most valuable drop it may not be worth the effort and this may be something just to add to the bloodmoney store. However, it would be a nice addition to F2p Pking.

Chinchompas – Add Black > Red > Normal Chinchompas to the blood money store for multi PKing. If Hunter is ever coded and Black chins as well as the others are added this will also make hunter profitable, but in the meantime making them available for blood money so that they can be used for PKing will be useful in multi. 

Dragon Harpoon – This is an item which is not in incredibly high demand but is noticeably missing from the server which has just about every other raids item. As fishing is trainable I don’t see a reason against adding this to the blood money store similar to the dragon axe and pickaxe and making the smouldering stone useable on it as well. 

Dwarven Helmet – Add this either for free in the melee store, for some blood money, or as an achievement item. It is a helmet which gives great crush bonus which is beneficial to users who are PKing with a weapon that utilizes crush bonus, such as a maul or a mace. 

QoL/Bug Fixes/Misc.:

Decanting – Add the ability to decant noted potions. This can be quite bothersome / tiresome for someone who has a large number of (1) (2) and (3) dose pots to decant them inventory by inventory via the decanting NPC. I think this is something that isn’t exactly a massive update but would be useful and appreciated by a large portion of the server. It would of course supply you with noted pots / leftover doses / vials as well. 

Bonus for Lamps used – Many users lamp every 12 or 24 hours (depending on how often they play) which is a large reason players vote on the server. I was thinking as a reward for using 1 lamp at least every 24 hours (since many people don’t play enough to do it every 12, 24 hours is a full day in which many people log on at least once) the player could receive a bonus amount of EXP for every 5 lamps used. Meaning on the 5th lamp used in a row in at least 60 hours and up to 120 hours, the player will receive bonus %. The 5th lamp or whatever number the bonus is granted on can provide something like 25% or 50% bonus EXP of what a lamp would usually grant to a player with that rank.

Kill Message / Loot Count – Currently when you kill someone you receive a message for the amount of loot and the kill message. The amount of loot appears sometime later, due to the loot having to appear on the ground and be calculated. This makes it near impossible to get both in one screenshot due to people talking, you eating, etc. which spams the chatbox. Slow down the kill message so that they appear at the same time. This is something that I feel many people would enjoy for the ability to take killpics showcasing both the name and the amount of loot received as opposed to just one.

Placeholders – This is pretty self explanatory and I believe many people have suggested it. It is useful for organizing one’s bank and is something which is in relatively high demand, or at least, would be quite popular.

Kodai Wand – Kodai wand does not currently provide unlimited water runes but it should.

Dinh’s Bulwark – Dinh’s Bulwark special is currently not seemingly coded or is bugged, because even with 100% special energy it says you do not have enough energy. If it is not coded, it should be coded properly including the damage in multi.

Dragon 2h Sword – The dragon 2h sword effect is also not coded despite the fact that the sword costs blood money.

Dragon Axe / Pickaxe (Also infernal and 3rd age) – The special attacks which boost stats are also not coded for these, however not incredibly important. 

Water Staff / Elemental Staves – Currently if you have a water staff wielded and bring water runes with you, they seem to cancel each other out. If you attempt to cast a spell requiring water runes, it will say you don’t have any, despite the fact that you have both the runes and the staff. I am unsure if the staff functions as intended at all but even with the runes it didn’t work so not entirely sure what this bug is. It may also be true of other elemental magic staves which provide unlimited runes. 

Tab Reply – Add the ability to reply via the tab key to anyone who PMs you without having to add them. The point of tab reply is to make it easier, but having to add them first is contrary to this. Additionally it can result in your friend list filling up rather quickly. You should also be able to right click – reply to someone if they’re not the last person who PMed you but you still don’t want to add them or have room to do so. 

Bob – Make the right click ‘Repair’ option on Bob operational for fixing barrows.

Price Checker - Make the price checker functional so people can check the value of items without having to open a trade interface. The server already has set values for everything which counts towards your account value or the loot value so I don't think this would be too different and it is also something that many players would like to see.

Fix bank caps / Invisible items - Past a certain row in any given tab items will be invisible. They will still be present but no longer visible. Additionally at normal donor it says you have 400 slots, but at something like 384 it tells you your bank is full.

Add the ability to close your bank via the escape key (beneficial for skillers)

Add the button to bank the contents of your looting bag

Add a bank counter similar to the total account value, but also have it work based on individual tabs so we can see the amount of wealth in something such as a PK or PvM/Slayer tab.

Add functionality to gates in the wilderness. Unsure if any work but KBD gate and the gate at Ice Plateau do not so I imagine the others do not either. This is used for escaping (or preventing escape) and when the gate is closed people on the other side should obviously not be able to mage / range / attack you in any way.

Max Hit Dummy - Have the max hit dummy not use up ammo so people do not have to waste non-free ammo such as dragon javelins/arrows/darts/etc while testing maxhits.

Capitalized Names - Add the ability for people to have capitalized names / different capitalized letters in their names such as "DO NOT UNBAN" "DO NOT Unban" "Do Not UnBan" as well as the existing name format which is "Do Not Unban". This can be done either by allowing the user to set the current display of their name upon logging in by what they type capitalized similar to other servers, or adding some other method ingame of changing the way your name is displayed when it comes to capitalization.

More suggestions: http://dawntained.com/forums/topic/601-ongoing-suggestions/

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Great list, thank you for taking your time to make all of these suggestions. My favourite ones were demonic gorillas being added and chinchompas for multi pking :)

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I agree with literally every single update on this 10/10 list, besides one. Thank you for your time and dedication to post this thread, and I will remind our developers every single day to work off allot of these items on this last, as they currently are. 

The only 1 item I would say to not add, unless they're going to nerf it. Zamorakian Haste, we currently have 500 reports a day of players being scammed by someone in the duel interface rule changing at last second to use food/pray/armour etc. 

this would only make it as bad as the toxic staff of the dead was, but this one is actually worse. As it has great defense bonuses and not to bad offense bonuses if you did mess up switching between hasta and tent, 

the only thing really I'm concerned about is that currently we do not have PID, allot of players are controversial about PID, but it's a part of the game, which here at Dawntained we do not have, if we are ever going to work on getting PID implemented into the game, then we are going to have to cancel the zamorakian hasta out of duel arenas completely, or do another massive server update not including PID, which would be to add the new 2007 runescape duel arena interface, which just like placeholders in banks, take a massive amount of time and effort, which we are always limited on, due to players rioting if we do not add constant updates. 

So the hasta might be an easy item to simple add, but the repercussions that come with it, take quite allot of time and effort. 

Everything else is A1, keep adding stuff (: 

like the 07 duel interfaces (:

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6 hours ago, Austin w said:

I agree with literally every single update on this 10/10 list, besides one. Thank you for your time and dedication to post this thread, and I will remind our developers every single day to work off allot of these items on this last, as they currently are. 

The only 1 item I would say to not add, unless they're going to nerf it. Zamorakian Haste, we currently have 500 reports a day of players being scammed by someone in the duel interface rule changing at last second to use food/pray/armour etc. 

this would only make it as bad as the toxic staff of the dead was, but this one is actually worse. As it has great defense bonuses and not to bad offense bonuses if you did mess up switching between hasta and tent, 

the only thing really I'm concerned about is that currently we do not have PID, allot of players are controversial about PID, but it's a part of the game, which here at Dawntained we do not have, if we are ever going to work on getting PID implemented into the game, then we are going to have to cancel the zamorakian hasta out of duel arenas completely, or do another massive server update not including PID, which would be to add the new 2007 runescape duel arena interface, which just like placeholders in banks, take a massive amount of time and effort, which we are always limited on, due to players rioting if we do not add constant updates. 

So the hasta might be an easy item to simple add, but the repercussions that come with it, take quite allot of time and effort. 

Everything else is A1, keep adding stuff (: 

like the 07 duel interfaces (:

Yes I don't really stake but i've seen hasta used in streams and videos so I wasn't sure if it was a cheating thing or not. I feel like there could probably be some way of keeping it from being used for cheating in duels though so hopefully if it is ever added that is taken into account


Thanks guys

6 hours ago, MGT Madness said:

Good list of suggestions, thank you for taking your time to make Dawntained better :)

6 hours ago, Yes Im Zerk said:

Great list, thank you for taking your time to make all of these suggestions. My favourite ones were demonic gorillas being added and chinchompas for multi pking :)

5 hours ago, Harry said:

Made me proud with this list :) 11/10, good job fam!

31 minutes ago, I am Groot said:

10/10 boy hopefully ? gets to work.



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