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Doctor Down

1st PK / Gamble Video Doctor Own + 500k Giveaway!

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Welcome to my First new Pk/Gamble Video, i hope honestly you guy's enjoy ! Sry for the watermark tho, next vid will be fixed !
To Enter the 500k ( 10 AGS ) Giveaway you must;
- Like
- Subscribe
- Comment ING Name <3


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Great video man!

A few tips of feedback I would give are:

  • The clips where you zoom in do help, but you do use that effect a lot and it's a little distracting
  • The Duel Arena clips are fun to watch but I think you should skip ahead in the longer clips as I found myself getting a little impatient with the longer fights

All in all, a great video with some mighty impressive content! Keep it up!

(Great choice of music by the way!)


-La Campeon

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