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MGT Madness

Dawntained Revival

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We all know Dawntained has many issues. Management wise and the game experience itself, i am writing this thread to inform the players of the changes that are coming which will bring us back to 400+ players.



Why was Dawntained successful?

I had a mindset of getting Dawntained to be the most populated Osrs Pk Server and i accomplished that by innovating in the marketing scene and releasing unique updates which gave Dawntained a completely different Pvp server experience that got players hooked on. Then when i claimed the crown in December 2017, i got more laid back while i was King and put less effort into Dawntained. The player base slowly decreased and then i got kicked off my throne in January 2019. A large reason this occurred was because other Pk Servers were also doing their best to be a better alternative to Dawntained.



What will i do to make Dawntained #1 again?

Frequent updates:

Deployment Master, Jason will take this role while also being a full time developer, his responsibilities are:

  • Always deploy bug fixes at the end of the day to live server. For this to be easy, Jason will be adding a feature that allows him to update the live client and server within a few seconds instead of 5 minutes of manual work which i usually do.
  • Announce the first set of bug fixes after the first week on a Friday.
  • Release a content packed update on the second week on a Wednesday.


Community Manager:

Head Moderator will be renamed to Community Manager and they will be given another set of responsibilities:

  • Announce rule changes.
  • Announce weekly staff changes.
  • Host events to boost activity In-game, Forums, Discord, Facebook & Youtube.
    Prizes will be given out such as in-game items and Osrs gp.

A Community Manager interface will be created so they can easily set-up and host events that players will not be able to grief.


#1 Content packed Pk server:

These are the guidelines i'll use:

  • Check out what features the rival Osrs Pk Servers have and implement better versions of it.
  • Improve existing features on Dawntained.
  • Innovate and create new unique content.
  • Add all the missing items from Osrs.
  • Go through all player suggestions and prioritize the most impactful suggestions.


Improving player support:

Another issue we have is slow Administrator replies for when players can only resolve their issue through an Administrator. For cases such as a lost account. 
What we will do about it:

  • Give Moderators and Community manager more powers to help players.
  • The Administrator needs to do his job every morning.
  • 2FA, Email recovery and a better ::recoverpass system.


Getting brand new players:

  • I will increase the investments i put into Marketing.
  • Research and find new places to market Dawntained on.


All the changes listed above are being introduced as fast humanly possible to Dawntained and will be maintained properly.

If you have anymore guidelines to improve Dawntained, do let me know by posting below!

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3 minutes ago, Gachdrac said:

giving mods more power..................... like they didnt abuse the powers they already have

what you also should do is make all mods agree on certain things like ragban etc, right now they all have their own rules and even subarashii is making his own wilderness rules... 

::Rules in game will lead you to the rules where you can find the wildy rules mate. No1 inventing his own rules

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17 hours ago, MGT Madness said:

Add all the missing items from Osrs.

Yeah, making it obtainable without loot boxes would also be beneficial. I hate to be critical, but alot of much sought after content has been made p2w only. You have players willing to obtain said items through other IN GAME means, let it happen. Not every player has thousands of dollars to blow on an RSPS.


Seriously nice to hear you actually plan on doing something finally. I was about to contact u myself, as it's my only night off this week, and ask if u had any plans.


All I can say is PLEASE listen to the players. Please stop releasing unfinished or untested content. And please stop making new content P2W.



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Just now, Hat said:

::Rules in game will lead you to the rules where you can find the wildy rules mate. No1 inventing his own rules

Subarashii invented his own rule yesterday by saying I was "loopholing" the rules, when what I did was completely fine and even in the game engine.

So yeah, he is inventing his own rules.

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u didnt mention that you are pixels for osgp money, idk why ppl just pay 07 to get unban in private server, also you didnt mention that u just empty accounts with items to remove some items from the eco!

ur just a guy who pay2win

Edited by King of Bs

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I'd come back if your staff wasn't toxic as hell tbh.


I still sit in the discord, but you have some bad eggs on staff. Especially those in higher power, they can be cocky as hell.

Don't get me wrong, I loved the server, even donated some cash, but was not a fan on how players were treated. 


Edit: What I like about OSRS is the *mostly* nice community. It's close to none here.

Edited by Orangedude

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