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MGT Madness

Bug fixes 15-03-2019

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Below are the list of bug fixes in the last 10 days. From today onwards, we will post a compilation of bug fixes every Friday. Which will make players more aware that the server is being fixed constantly and it will force the development team to push out fixes in preparation for the Friday thread :)


  • Settings tab fixes.
  • Client crash.
  • Left click npc and players is now set to default.
  • Max capes now have requirements to wear.
  • Wearing hunter items fix.
  • Fire surge now works with Tome of fire.
  • Karil's set effect with amulet of the damned corrected.
  • You can no longer sell pets.
  • Clan chat settings now show up.
  • Vorkath's head can now be used to create a slayer helm.
  • Missing bank icon added at Edge pure area.
  • Scrolling issues.
  • Invisible players fixed.
  • Server crash.
  • Hunter area extended more north to lay traps.
  • Magic and ranged hitsplat delay with pid is no longer instant.
  • Looting jars from hunter disabled until we balance them.
  • Vorkath's head is now untradeable.
  • Pathing to objects fixed.
  • No-clipping at ::pvp.
  • Amulet of eternal glory stats added.
  • Profile skilling tab corrected.
  • ::Rank command for head mods now supports 'mod' and 'sup'.
  • ::Xteletome for Moderators would show an incorrect message.
  • Bots now eat.
  • Bank searching and using placeholders with it fixed.
  • Opening npc drop table will now reset the scroll length.
  • Lagg spikes fixed.
  • Unable to access profile through highscores fixed.
  • Cutting gems now requires a chisel.
  • Custom avernic defender requirement added.
  • Blowpipe bonuses fixed.
  • Moving after setting a hunter trap is now more smoother.
  • Zuriel's staff buffed to beat Tsotd.
  • Statius's warhammer buffed to beat Dragon warhammer.
  • Completionist cape reduced to 1k bm buy-back.
  • Abyssal bludgeon special attack animation corrected.
  • Chinchompa damage bug fixed.
  • Wrath runes now can enter rune pouch.
  • Wilderness gates and doors clipping fixed.
  • Issues with 1 hunter being shown.
  • Players opening jail doors disabled.
  • Following not working correctly when a door has been opened/closed.
  • Right click menu exiting screen on resizable.


Bug fixes will be rolled out daily, but only announced every Friday.


lease Vote for blood money giIgK1x.png every 12 hours with a chance to win Ags/D-claws, climbing to the top of the toplists is very important in order to gain more players!

Lwkwhin.png The bug fixes were implemented by MGT Madness, Jonny, Optimum, Jason, & Owain.

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13 hours ago, MGT Madness said:

Can you explain how to reproduce it in detail please @Obfuscate

Tbh, I'm not really sure. I was training hunter by laying traps, resetting my traps, picking up traps, eventually, it prevented me from setting more than 1 trap even though I have the hunter level to set multiple traps.

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