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MGT Madness

Immortal Donator released! Magic void buffed & more 18-08-2017

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  • Fixed issue where you can drop 2 pets quickly and the other will dissapear
  • Fixed a bug where if you drop a pet, it will take a quick visual poop on the floor
  • You can no longer autocast Trident while not holding it.
  • Bank pins will no longer become 5-7 numbers after you set it and also another bug where it would ask you for 2nd number instead of 1st etc..
  • Tutorial has been updated to a more friendly looking npc
  • Added an anti-dupe system which will save the economy from being ruined.
  • Added more security to the website to prevent hackers from installing viruses etc..
  • Fixed Pking titles being unlocked many kills earlier.
  • Fixed multi-log in wild bug where you can escape it by following your other account
  • Full void magic now gives +45% accuracy instead of 30%. (same as Osrs)
  • Mutated Glough pet added for Trenbolone E
  • You can no longer gain experience from Max hit dummy
  • Kalphite Princess pet added for C0nz0le
  • Golden Armadyl godsword added for C0nz0le for getting Immortal Donator
  • Recoloured Elysian spirit shield for Austin W for getting Immortal Donator
  • Added Rocky pet & Dharok pet to Pet Mystery box (forgot to add them in the past)


Immortal Donator:

It is for those who have spent 25,000 Donator tokens in the Donator shop! This is the most prestigious and expensive Donator rank you can get!
This has very powerful perks, almost Admin like:

  • A custom recoloured item that is untradeable and kept on death (no one else can ever own the same kind)
  • ::xteleto command (teleport to any player, outside of wild)
  • ::xteletome command (teleport any player to you, the player will get sent a dialogue to accept the offer)

Congratulations to Yes Im Zerk for earning his Moderator rank!
And also a huge thanks to Austin W & C0nz0le for being the first two to achieve Immortal Donator!




Other news:

The next update will be improving existing activities and balancing money making methods. So the players have a wide variety of activities to do to make money. Such as Pvming & Skilling.
Many rwters have been caught in the past few days. Rwting is taken seriously as it affects the future of Dawntained. The anti-rwt tools on Dawntained are very advanced which makes catching rwters very easy.



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As usual, another amazing update coming from the king of arabs himself. 

Thanks for the shoutout ;) 

keep up the good work

make dawntained great again

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Very cool unexpected new donator rank!

I do have some questions of course..

Why when doing ::settitle we can no longer use capital letters? It doesn't look very appealing without capital letters.

Are we no longer having Graphic Artists in this community? My rank is gone, but I can stick with Ultimate Donator rank if we no longer have Artists. :(

Edited by Monk

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