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Used to be quite known // Pur3 0f G0d\Mahdy

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For the dinosaurs of the RSPS community, I am Mahdy, formally known as pur3 of g0d. Back in 2012-2014, I was one of the most trusted global administrators on InnovationX317 (which in tun, turned into Paradise 738) along with the original, Legacy614. When Legacy614 merged with InnovationX, which was owned by Skylar (MrQuarter from his QuarterX days and his days on Runeland with The Flames- Lewis).

Back to the point; when we had to shut down IX and legacy, I quite RSPS. I stumbled upon this one on my spare time and liked it. I am now a professional graphics developer (As in I have a bachelors degree in both graphic design and website development) along with Network Administration/Security. I am actually looking forward to invest sometime in here. Eventually, talk with the owners about my experiences and see if they would want me on board as staff or whatnot.

In the next coming days, I will be planning on opening a graphics design shop (Not like half the shit I seen here done in paint) & a website development shop (I code everything from hand, and my knowledge with languages has been pretty fierce. 

OH! I also suffer from a disease called Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative colitis that will eventually kill me, rendering me in the hospital at least one a month, having to be admitted into the hospital anywhere from 7-15 days.

P.S- This is legit, and it's not a troll. And, I know what the rules are, but I promised you if you troll me about the disease that will eventually kill me, you will regret it. :)


Anyways, other than that, I'm fucking chill. Those who knew me in the past and know me now, it is good to meet you.


Much love,





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15 hours ago, Harry said:

Talked with you yesterday :) Welcome fam

Sure did. You were quite a warm welcome. Whom did you say I should talk to about a developing spot; if there is one available? I am looking for in game or forums; either or, I have experience. I am assuming to hope to build my trust up with you guyd first before moving so quickly. Has no one here really remember Legay614/QuarterX/LostPKz o.O?


My, the RSPS community really isn't what it used to be! Lovely meeting you though, Harry. 

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