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Pure Pking Fundamentals

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Hi Guys,


I don't post much on here, I play for fun and for the most part I've left it at that. My name is Jordan but in-game you can find me as Bench.

Most of the time you can find me risk fighting or pure pking. But we're just going to focus on pure pking and making money for now. I've found that most players are not using the correct inventories/setups or their timing for specs are way off. Hopefully this guide can help some new players make money or give a few tips to some of the veterans such as myself.


1.) Food

Anglerfish (Heal 3-22HP Depending on HP Level)

-I see a lot of players with inventories full of Anglerfish. Anglerfish are healing you for 17 if you're lower than 92 HP. They heal 22HP once you're 92+. Also, in most cases even when you're 92 HP or more, it is not cost effective using anglerfish as they're 50% more than Dark crabs and heal the same after 92HP. I advise keeping 1 or 2 max in your inventory (To boost HP before a fight). 

Karambwans (Heal 18HP)

-These are great for double eating. If you're not familiar with this, go ahead and try eating a shark/dark crab etc. and immediately click a karambwan, you can eat these within the same tick which can save you if you're being specced out or someone is doing a lot of damage to you.

Saradomin Brew (Heal 16HP)

-Saradomin brews are always a must in any fight. They can also be used to double eat like karambwans but instead of 18HP they heal 16HP, but they're free!

-You can also Triple eat. This consists of Food>Brew>Karambwan. This is a bit more advanced and click intensive, but if used properly you can nearly out eat any bad situation.


2.) Spec Weapons

Most of you already know that spec weapons are necessary to eliminate your opponent. But are you using them correctly...

What I mean is, using your special attack weapon one tick after your main hand weapon hits your opponent. Usually this is the same tick as your exp drop; which is a great point of reference for timing this. Doing so will allow you to essentially keep your opponent from eating out of your attack. Especially if they're double or triple eating as we discussed in the last topic.

Pro's and Con's of the DDS and GMaul


is free or 150BM for the poisoned version in the BM Store.

also gives you 4 opportunities to spec out your opponent as it only uses 25% of your special.

Can hit 32-32 in basic pure gear.



The GMaul costs 4k BM.

The GMaul gives 2 Opportunities to Spec out your opponent, but in most cases you're using both to maximize its effectiveness.

The Gmaul can hit 37-37 in basic pure gear. But, the Gmaul spec is instant so you could whack a 37, spec 37-37 and whack 37 again. Yes that sounds crazy, but if used correctly you can have some massive hits. (There is a tick delay after your spec for that last possible 37 whack to hit, but when food only heals 22 max, there's a reasonable chance it's worth waiting for).


3.) Two Handed Weapons

Two handed weapons can be your saving grace if you've utilized your all of your special attack. 

Dragon Halberd can hit a 38 in basic pure gear.

Obby Maul can hit a 38 as well.

Yes, you can use a GMaul as well and not use another inventory space.

I see a lot of pure pkers using Obby mauls as their Two Handed Weapon, when you should be using the D Halberd...Why?

Obby Maul uses Crush at +86 Attack bonus.

D Halberd has a +101 Slash bonus.

In most cases you're going to want to use the D Halberd for it's accuracy and same damage output as the Obby maul.


4.) Making Money

Having a GMaul is the big key to making money pure pking. Being able stack 100+ damage is without question an OP way of getting kills. You can add a Whip or Tent to the equation to increase your DPS output. The DDS can definitely do the trick, but is a little more difficult in my opinion.

To start, I would use a D Scim and GMaul, until you're consistently getting 3-4 kills before dying. At that point, you'll be able to afford a Whip/Tent. This all comes down to practice!

-As you accumulate Blood Money, you should Buy:

Super Combat Potions (Saves you an inventory slot vs using Super Strength and Super Attack)

Sanfew Serum (These restore 18 Points of prayer, the same as Super Restores, but also cure Poison/Venom)

Dark Crabs (Better than sharks)

Anglerfish (To boost HP)

Karambwans (To double/triple eat)

Ring of recoil (You'd be surprised to see how much these help, so worth the 50BM)


Let me know what you all think and if this was worth even posting. I'd be happy to post some more tips regarding pking and risking fighting on here.
















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Definitely worth posting mate, thanks for the post. This will benefit all pure pkers new to the scene :) thanks!


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Very nice guide, thanks for taking the time to write this for our community.


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I really appreciate the feedback guys, wasn’t expecting much in that aspect. 

Anything I could’ve done differently?

Any vets have suggestions or additions they’d like to add to the guide?

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Getting the knowledge about double and even triple eating into the community is beneficial, given they read it. I still come across people who don't use kawambams or even brews in pure fighting with risk, and it's especially important in pures when the damage income is high. 

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I'm still interested in seeing what the community thinks of this! Should I post another pking guide?

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