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Ultimate starter guide

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As many players ask staff daily ''how can I obtain blood money quickly & solid'' well since most starter guides are outdated or just ''poorly'' described, although many thanks to those that made a starter guide! here's my example of a ''Quality starter guide'' 

You can spend your blood money by talking to the blood money merchant at ::shops or located north-west building in edgeville. 






as per usual voting is a great money making method, as a starter player you can get 25 vote tickets (400 ea) if u sell them to players or you can spend your vote tickets in the voting store for cosmetics.

You can get 2000 blood money per your 5 vote tickets (10K if you use them all) or sell to players for 500 ea and u get 12.5K blood money.

you can vote by typing ::vote in-game 


You can get any of these items in the vote store 


You can get to the vote store by typing ::shops


If you are a pker but like to pvm then you have come to the right place! there's also a way to make a lot of blood money by pvming, i will list all bosses that is good money wise / per hour.

You can always check the monster drop rates.


Most monsters have a unique drop table and scale due to their difficulty level.

Monsters with a unique drop table as ''osrs'' released them will have very stable drop rates.

You can teleport to bosses by clicking any teleport in your spell book.


- Easy bosses -

Giant Mole (Pray melee there's a possibility that he digs underground he could be anywhere in the dungeon) 

Lizardman shaman (beware of poison splats & the minion spawns u have to take distance from them)

Kraken (Bring magic only, make sure to attack the tentacles first)

King black dragon (requires an antifire potion or an anti-dragon shield)

- Challenging bosses - 

Commander zilyana (Pray mage & take distance)

Cerberus (Beware of the special attacks ''arrooo'' ''grrrr'' : (arroo is when he calls minions u have to flick towards the selected attack style) (grrr is when he spawns lava pools underneath you make sure you take 2 steps away from each one)

  Kalphite queen (Make sure you bring range & melee as it has 2 fases)

Dagannoth Supreme, Prime, Rex (beware it's a multi-area so they can attack all together individually make sure to take distance dagannoth rex is weak to mage, Dagannoth supreme is weak to melee, and dagannoth prime is weak to range) 

- Hard bosses - 

Zulrah (Zulrah has 3 different forms, Blue = mage, Green = range, Red = melee, I'd suggest looking up a guide to check out how to successfully do zulrah

Corporeal beast (Corporeal beast or ''Corp'' is a boss is very hard to solo and more likely easier if you do it with a couple of friends) 

General Graardor (u could solo this but beware of his minions as these can hit quite hard so bring some protective mage gear & make sure to have protected from melee on all the times) 

 Kree'arra (You can only hit this boss by using range and make sure to have protection from missiles by all time up)

k'ril tsutsaroth (this boss is quite easy as it self but he has a quite hard hitting special attack that could be hard to flick make sure you have protection of melee prayer by all times up) 

- Wilderness bosses -

Wilderness bosses are risky to kill as they're located deep into the wilderness so make sure you bring gear that is either spawnable or keepable on death (untradeable's are always kept on death even in deep wilderness but they will require a cost of bloodmoney to get returned)

Crazy Archaeologist (he's quite easy and very weak to magic attacks but make sure to have protect from magic prayer on by all time and try to avoid his special attacks)

Scorpia (This wilderness boss is located in a cave in deep wilderness, he's weak to either range or magic and bring a anti-potion with you)

Chaos fanatic (He's very weak to magic attacks and make sure you keep the magic protection prayer up by all time's and try to avoid it's special attack) 

Vet'ion (It's a wilderness boss with 2 fases and spawns skeletal's dogs once it reached half hp of each phase make sure to protect from mage at all times)

Tormented demon (it's a easy boss and it's weak to range, make sure to use protection from mage prayer at all times)

Ice strykewyrm ( it's weak to range & melee, and use protect from melee prayer at all times) 

Revenants (They're weak to melee & range and is located deep into the wilderness or a cave make sure to protect from magic at all times)

Callisto ( It's weak to magic and try to avoid his special attacks those can hit quite hard, make sure to use protection from mage at all times)

Chaos elemental (it can remove a body piece of armour or wep and will be spawned into your inventory, it's weak to range and melee & make sure to protect from magic at all times)

- Slayer - 

You can start a slayer task in the edgeville bank, you can either choose to do a bossing or regular slayer task, on completion of a task you will be rewarded around 3-5K bloodmoney as bonus for completing a task. 


You can buy a slayer helm from the untradeable store by trading the blood money merchant at ::shops 


Also, you could upgrade your slayer helm to a slayer helm (i) (it makes it able to be used for range & mage combat style as well) by talking to the slayer master.



PvP is a huge way to make money in dawntained, either by pure, main, range tank & more.

You can use a 'pre-made' preset if you are new to the game and later on you could setup your own presets by using the ''quick setup'' option in the quest tab.


Upon killing your opponent you receive one or more wilderness artifacts (it gets boosted by which class you are pking as) aswell you get 400 blood money.

Upon killing a target in the wilderness you receive 4 wilderness artifacts.



There are also numerous wilderness events going on and you could get more wilderness artifacts by killing an opponent in the selected class.


You can also get a wilderness task by talking to the PvP taskmaster to get some extra blood money he's located at ::shops.


If you are a huge fan of tournaments, dawntained hosts multiple tournaments in a day, you get a unique title next to your name & some bloodmoney for being the tourney champion.

You also unlock various cape's while upon the amount of kills you have, for example you unlock the infernal cape by achieving 1000 kills ingame.







Anyways that's it for now, i will update if i see more or new method's of making money ingame, feel free to comment below if you think what should be added.

Many thanks to @spectral boy for helping me
gathering the graphics
i needed, also a huge thanks to @MoeGraphics for providing me the needed graphics works.

With love made by the dawntained staff team!





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Just now, Jaehaerys said:

screen shots are broken.


They work for me. let me check if i can replace them

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2 minutes ago, hitpointz said:

They work for me. let me check if i can replace them

fixed now cool guide 

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One of the best made guides on Dawntained <3

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Some serious work was put into this, really appreciate it on the behalf of all the new players :) great work bro

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