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Slayer Expansion, Boss and Task Requirements & Instances

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What is an instance? An instance is a special area that generates a new copy of the location for each player or group which enters the area. Generally this applies to specific bosses or Slayer tasks. In Dawntained, currently no bosses require a Slayer level to be slain, and only Zulrah offers a properly functioning Instance. My suggestion is simple; correct and add instances so it directly correlates to OSRS, make certain bosses and monsters require a Slayer level and/or task as required in OSRS, add bosses not already in Dawntained and mix in correlative tasks to their boss counterparts.

The following Bosses are automatically instanced for free:
- Zulrah
- Vorkath
- Grotesque Guardians
      - Requires Slayer Task or Gargoyle Slayer Task
      - Requires 75 Slayer
      - Requires Brittle Key

The following Bosses may optionally be instanced for a price:
- Kraken (5000 Blood Money)
      - Private Instance (30 minutes)
- King Black Dragon (10000 Blood Money)
      - Private Instance (30 minutes)
- Corporeal Beast (40000 blood Money)
      - Clan Chat Instance (45 minutes)

The following Bosses may only be accessed while on a Slayer Task:
- Cerberus
      - Optional to Hellhound Task
      - Requires 91 Slayer
      - 3 open Instances
- Abyssal Sire
      - Optional to Abyssal Demon Task
      - Requires 85 Slayer
- Kraken
      - Optional to Crave Craken Task
      - Requires 87 Slayer
- Thermonuclear Smoke Devil
      - Optional to Smoke Devil Task
      - Requires 93 Slayer

These adjustments and content additions will force players to be more involved in the server and overall improve the server!
Please leave your support or opposition down below and feel free to make more suggestions! 

*There are many more unlisted Slayer Tasks which could also be added. Refer to https://oldschoolrunescape.fandom.com/wiki/Slayer_assignment for more information.
*Please make sure all added or modified monsters and bosses have drop tables directly relative to OSRS.
*Some numbers and information have been adjusted to fit Dawntained.

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