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Staff Feedback Feb/2019

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I'll be posting these on a monthly basis usually on the first week of every month, this one took a bit longer. But here you go. Simply copy & paste it below to reply and leave a message on any feedback you have on the staff members next to their names. All feedback is welcome but avoid flaming. Thank you.


Admins -

MGT Madness-

Head mod -


Moderators -



1 pk in 22-






Supports -


Spectral boy-


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Jedzio-  This guy is always online and very helpful. I see a lot of characteristics in him such as leadership and kindness that allow this game to be a much more welcoming and enjoyable environment to be around. He's always quick to respond and very polite till the end. Personally I believe that he has shown the community that he is definitely worthy of moderating the game we all enjoy and I believe his loyalty and efforts will easily get him up the ladder in both rank and respects very quickly. I thank him as well as the rest of the staff team for their efforts, however Jedzio's help has been most notable in my opinion. Thank you much, have a good day.


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Thuggaah, clark and jedzio is all doing an amazing job as mods in my opinion. Always there to help when its needed. Always friendly and up for some fun banter when its appropriate. Haven't really interacted with the other mods that much but im sure they are pulling their load as well. 


As for the supports, especially Mlh is doing a fine job. he's noticeable and is really active - great job overall :)

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Clark - Despite never having a legitimate conversation with him, He spends most of his days stalking my clan members around, as well as pming me and/or them on alt accounts to try to bait us into trash talking him. I'm sure he does plenty good for the server, however it would be nice if he didnt act like he was just Daniel's personal hitman.

Hatorade/thuggahhh/1 pk in 22/ - seem like great guys' I grouped them together as I haven't really had to many experiences with any of them, however they've always answered any of my questions in a fair amount of time.


jedzio - great guy, fun to talk to, at just about any time of day i can spit a question out, whether it be just a general in game question, or a question about server rules, and he will always be there to help. fantastic individual just a really great guy, the best if i might say. 


to all the supports, I haven't really spoken to any of you in length, but i have seen most of you being helpful in yell, and that's always nice. keep up the great work, and hope to see you guys around.

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