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ntolerance opened as an osrs pure-level and main level, P2P, multi pking clan with an elite single unit (single is not required to join) and are branching out into the RSPS Scene.  It's leadership team is comprised of experienced leaders who have a long and rich history of various leadership roles throughout dozens of multi and single teams since 2003.  One of our great strengths is our community, which has a core group of close friends who have known each other for years mixed with newcomers from various multi and single backgrounds.  Our community is one that loves to joke around, laugh and hang out on discord every day.  We pride ourselves in having a great group of friends that can have fun in and outside of the game. 

Intolerance also prides itself on integrity and makes a point to avoid propaganda and baiting and does not condone ddosing in any way, shape or form.  We like to let our skills and success in the wilderness speak for itself and our topics will reflect that.  We have trips almost every day as long as there is action and we will frequently go out more than once a day (especially on weekends).

If you are interested in joining an active, experienced pking clan as well as finding a great community that you can have fun with, Intolerance is a great choice for you! Join our discord: https://discord.gg/tyAXa9g

Website: Coming Soon

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