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What I've been doing all day :D

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Check out more of my videos @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk6_hnKMAr3y-G9av4Fffig/videos?view_as=subscriber

Most of my videos, if not all, have some sort of pking montage embedded in them. I am selling pking lessons jk.. LOL dont ban me. rwter right here LOL JK, I dont do that.

This video is showing you all different pure setups I've been using the whole day and I personally like MSB into dds into ags.. ppl dont expect it, or u can imbue ur msb so u only use 50% spec and go right into an ags spec after. :D Hope u all enjoy, i love the feedback from the community good or bad drop a comment and don't forget to like/comment/subscribe if u like my content guys! :D peace out homies


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Yet another great video, good tip with the MSB though - not everyone will know about that.

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